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How To Create A Complete The Look Widget
How To Create A Complete The Look Widget

In this article we will go over setting up a complete the look style widget.

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Create a Product Page Widget

The first step is to create a new Product Page widget and name it something meaningful like "Complete The Look"

The next step is to configure the settings in the widgets editor page.

From here, you will go to the layout tab of the widget editor and adjust the "Products to Show" slider down to either 2 or 3 which is typical for this widget. Then change the "Display Style" to "Line" for all three sized screens. Uncheck the "Display as Carousel" check box. And lastly, take the "Grid Columns" down to one for all three screen sizes.

Next, go to the Language setting in the widget editor and adjust the language so that you are framing the products being offered properly.

Match Your Store

Now, we will adjust the colors so that this matches your store and feels like it is native to the product page. In the Style tab you can either use the colors that you have set up for your theme already or adjust the colors for this widget specifically.

Layout is Complete

Select the Location

Lastly, you will need to select the location for the widget to display! Use this help doc to learn about placing widgets. Refer to this Guide


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