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General Information

Administrative Info & Definitions

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Getting Started

New to Rebuy? Let's get started!

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Smart Cart

Learn about the Smart Cart and different ways to use it to its full potential!

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Data Sources

Create Rulesets to power your widgets and personalize product recommendations.

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Explore Widgets to see what you can do, how to create them, and upgrade your Online Store!

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Post-Purchase Offers

Extend AOV with Post-Purchase Offers!

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Shopify Checkouts

Checkout Extensions, Content Blocks, and Checkout.liquid

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Learn how to use discounting apps and in app features to discount

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A/B Testing

Unlock your website's potential with Rebuy's A/B Testing!

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See how Rebuy is performing for you!

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Smart Cart Apps

Apps designed by our partners to seamlessly integrate with the Smart Cart!

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Learn how to supercharge your apps by connecting them with Rebuy

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Reorder & Reactivate Landing Pages

Learn how to improve customer lifetime value and reorder rates!

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Learn how to create powerful email follow-up, reactivate, and marketing campaigns.

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Check out frequently asked questions and solutions.

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Advanced articles helpful for those looking to take Rebuy to the next level.

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Helpful articles for agency, affiliate, and technology partners

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