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General Information

Administrative Info & Definitions

Getting Started

New to Rebuy? Let's get started!

Smart Cart

Learn about the Smart Cart and different ways to use it to its full potential!

Data Sources

Create Rulesets to power your widgets and personalize product recommendations.


Explore Widgets to see what you can do, how to create them, and upgrade your Online Store!

Post-Purchase Offers

Extend AOV with Post-Purchase Offers!

Shopify Checkouts

Checkout Extensions, Content Blocks, and Checkout.liquid


Learn how to use discounting apps and in app features to discount

A/B Testing

Unlock your website's potential with Rebuy's A/B Testing!


See how Rebuy is performing for you!

Smart Cart Apps

Apps designed by our partners to seamlessly integrate with the Smart Cart!


Learn how to supercharge your apps by connecting them with Rebuy

Reorder & Reactivate Landing Pages

Learn how to improve customer lifetime value and reorder rates!


Learn how to create powerful email follow-up, reactivate, and marketing campaigns.


Check out frequently asked questions and solutions.


Advanced articles helpful for those looking to take Rebuy to the next level.


Helpful articles for agency, affiliate, and technology partners