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This article, referencing Rebuy's Checkout Extensions which was built into Shopify Checkout UI Extensions, will show you how to get set up and explain the functionality available to you. If you are looking for our Checkout Page widget, click here for the help documentation.


The checkout page is a staple for all ecommerce stores, but the checkout experience itself is not personalized to your customers' desires, leading to untapped revenue and checkout abandonment. Using Rebuy’s Checkout Extensions, you can introduce your customers to timely product recommendations that will increase conversion and revenue.

Best of all, you can realize all of these benefits in record time. Rebuy’s no-code solution lets you get product recommendations setup in minutes. With just a few clicks, you can have intelligent product recommendations in the checkout, and you can change where you want them to show with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor.


  • You must have access to Shopify's Checkout UI Extensions

  • Shopify Plus Merchants

    • As a Shopify Plus merchant, you have the ability to add Checkout Extension blocks for product recommendations or images directly into your checkout. You can also use the checkout extensions content blocks to add images to your checkout, order status page, or thank you page.

      • You cannot add product recommendations to the order status page, or thank you page.

  • Non-Shopify Plus Merchants

    • If you are a non-Shopify Plus merchant, you do not have the option to add product recommendations to your checkout. However, you can still enhance your customer experience by adding images to your order status page or thank you page via content blocks.

  • Widget can't be placed in different areas of checkout for both desktop & mobile.

  • Support for script tags, CSS modifications, and DOM/Cookies is not supported. You can make some modifications to the look within the checkout editor within Shopify, however.

  • Rebuy's Checkout Extensions cannot be used with the Shopify's checkout.liquid. Merchants must decide between using checkout.liquid or Checkout Extensions.

  • Multi-Language features are not supported.

  • Checkout extensions do not support the following data source rules.

    • URL Parameters

    • Order Tags

    • Collections


  • Am I required to switch the Checkout Page widget to Checkout Extensions?

    • Merchants are not obliged to switch from our existing Checkout Page widget to Checkout Extensions at this time. Our goal is to reach feature parity and beyond with Checkout Extensions and migrate our merchants over to that in a timely manner so they can get all future feature updates. Due to this, we will be putting future development resources and new features into Checkout Extension and not the Checkout Page widget.

  • Will this affect any current customizations merchants have made to checkout.liquid?

  • What is the difference between Checkout Extensions and the Checkout Page Widget?

    • The Checkout Extensions have been built for a seamless setup, with the ability to be placed on Shop Pay pages and a no-code implementation on Headless Store checkouts.

  • Can I preview my checkout extension widget on the actual checkout page?

    • Yes! you can preview the widget on your Shopify checkout page by creating an alternate checkout to preview the widget. You can do this by going to your Shopify checkout settings and duplicating your live checkout profile. From there, you will add the widget ID to that checkout app block for testing purposes.

  • Why is my widget not showing in the Shopify checkout previewer?

    • If you've configured specific data source rules beforehand, the widget might not display in the preview if those rules aren't met correctly. To gain a better understanding of how the widget will appear on your checkout, we recommend starting with the default Rebuy endpoint rules.

  • How do I change the colors or add a logo to my checkout?

    • There are some settings that we cannot control such as adding a logo, header, background, accent colors, button colors, error colors, etc. In order to modify those types of settings you will need to head to the Shopify checkout editor settings.

  • Will checkout extensions work with Shopify 1 page checkout?

    • Yes, the 1-page checkout will perform identically. No action is required when transitioning from a 3-page checkout to a 1-page checkout. In case you encounter any problems, kindly attempt removing the Rebuy app block in your checkout editor and then reinstall it following the steps in the installation guide.

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