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Rebuy's Smart Search: A Comprehensive Solution for Shopify Merchants

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What is Rebuy Smart Search?

Rebuy's Smart Search empowers Shopify merchants to enhance their Average Order Value (AOV) and revenue through seamless product discovery. With rapid, precise, and personalized search capabilities, our feature integrates robust data analytics for comprehensive insights. It's easy to set up and customize in minutes, eliminating the need for developer assistance.

Shopify merchants often struggle with building their own search UI or relying solely on vendors for updates, a costly and time-consuming process that limits control. Rebuy's solution harnesses AI for a self-configurable search system with modern UI and extensive customization.

Why does Smart Search Matter?

It's simple really. Research indicates that 60% of customers head straight to the search bar when navigating a website, yet a staggering 80% abandon their search due to subpar experiences. Additionally, 72% of websites fall short of meeting search expectations. Notably, 52% of shoppers abandon their carts if they cannot locate a specific item; however, those who utilize the search function are 2-3 times more likely to complete a purchase. By leveraging Rebuy's Smart Search, merchants can significantly enhance user experience, drive conversions, and ultimately maximize revenue opportunities.

Product Overview

Activating Rebuy’s Search product will seamlessly integrate with the search button on the merchant’s website, enhancing the search experience for users. Merchants can utilize our comprehensive development documentation to leverage our search product via APIs exclusively.

Our platform offers a performance dashboard that furnishes merchants with valuable metrics regarding the utilization and effectiveness of the search feature on their site, including Search Revenue, Number of Searches, and Sessions with Search (%), along with insights into Top searches, Top products, No results, and Filters.

Installing Smart Search

Installing Smart Search is a straightforward, no-code task that anyone can complete in just a few simple steps. Explore our user-friendly walkthrough guide to begin.

Smart Search Metrics

Our performance dashboard includes comprehensive metrics help merchants understand and interpret key performance indicators such as keyword groups, featured products, and influence rules, which enable merchants to direct shoppers to specific products or groups of products for particular searches.

Featured products take precedence over influence rules, ensuring optimal visibility for designated items. For instance, a search for "cold brew/iced coffee/frappe/cold coffee" would prioritize "Cold Brew Cans" as the top result if it was designated as a featured product, followed by products affected by defined rules. More detailed information about the metrics definitions can be found in our help article linked below.

Quick View

Quick View Search dynamically presents products, collections, and additional search terms as the shopper inputs text into the search bar, adapting in real-time to additional input. Enhancing User Experience for Improved Conversions. Craft search experiences to enhance product discovery, provide recommendations, and ultimately elevate conversions and revenue.

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Results Page

Customize how your search results appear to shoppers. Optimize Search Results for Conversions. The presentation of search results holds equal significance to their content. Enable flexible modifications with configurable Filters and Sort By options, and gain insights into how shoppers utilize these modifiers to discover and purchase desired products.

Choose from out-of-the-box UI configurations tailored to your site. Select your preferred UI configuration—Side by Side or Dropdowns—to seamlessly integrate with the style of your site.


Establish keyword groups to elevate the shopper experience and enhance product discovery. Keywords provide the ability to create and oversee custom search terms, incorporate synonyms, highlight products, and much more.

Global Smart Search Settings

Customize settings that have global application throughout Smart Search. Choose your preferred method for displaying out-of-stock products in search results. Establish Excluded Terms, Excluded Products, Excluded Collections, and Search Influence to refine search functionality.


Checkout our Smart Search FAQ document for some frequently asked questions. If you don't see your answers there, please feel free to send them to us via the messenger on this page along with your details. Interested in exploring Rebuy features further? Schedule a demo with our team today!

Interested in delving deeper into Smart Search Best Practices? Visit our comprehensive best practice documentation to gain valuable insights!

Checkout our developer docs for some more technical information on Smart Search.

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