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What is Rebuy Smart Search?

Rebuy's Smart Search empowers Shopify merchants to enhance their Average Order Value (AOV) and revenue through seamless product discovery. With rapid, precise, and personalized search capabilities, our feature integrates robust data analytics for comprehensive insights. It's easy to set up and customize in minutes, eliminating the need for developer assistance.

Shopify merchants often struggle with building their own search UI or relying solely on vendors for updates, a costly and time-consuming process that limits control. Rebuy's solution harnesses AI for a self-configurable search system with modern UI and extensive customization.


Smart Search Compatibility

Q: Is Smart Search compatible with stores using version 1 of Shopify?

A: Yes, Smart Search is compatible with Shopify-developed themes.

Q: Will Smart Search work with Shopify markets?

A: Smart Search is compatible with English-only content.

Q: Could Smart Search work in a Hydrogen Remix React headless setup?

A: Yes, Smart Search can work in a Hydrogen Remix React headless setup. We will provide API documentation that allows merchants or partners to build out their frontend for Smart Search integration.

Current Capabilities

Q: Will Smart Search work with different languages added to a Shopify 2.0 theme?

A: Smart Search is compatible with English-only content.

Q: Is Smart Search capable of showing results besides products and collections? (e.g., blog, FAQs, pages)

A: In the current version, Smart Search only searches products and collections.

Q: Will there be a way to suppress search results for out-of-stock items of a specific size that is specific to the behavior of each person’s browsing/shopping behavior?

A: Smart Search performs out-of-stock filtering based on Shopify’s definition of out of stock, but this is not done on the variant level.

Q: Will Rebuy’s A/B Testing feature also extend to Smart Search? (different layouts, featured products, etc)

A: No, this is not currently an available feature.

Q: Will Rebuy Smart Search incorporate voice search?

A: No, this is not currently an available feature.

Q: Are there Marketing or "in grid" banners available for the search results page?

A: No, this is not currently an available feature.

Q: Can customers search for products using SKU's?

A: Yes they can search by SKU in search results only (not quickview at this time) but the SKU must be an exact match to pull up the results.


Q: Can the top searches from Smart Search be synced back into Klaviyo with customer profiles for segment creation?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Will we have the ability to continue using our current filtering (Search & Discovery app) in combination with Rebuy search features?

A: No, this is not possible.

Q: What review apps does Smart Search work with?

A: Currently, Smart Search works with the following review apps:

  • Judgeme

  • Junip

  • Loox

  • Okendo

  • Opinew

  • Stamped



Q: Does Smart Search use Shopify Meta Fields as part of the search results?

A: Currently, Smart Search does not utilize Shopify Meta Fields in its search results. However, it is among the top features planned for addition to Smart Search after its launch.

Q: Does Smart Search have a custom CSS or custom code portion like Smart Cart and widgets do for further customization, especially stylistically?

A: Yes, you can customize Smart Search using certain APIs provided in our developer docs. Additionally, you have the option to incorporate custom CSS into the Rebuy theme to make some adjustments according to your preferences. Please note that these customizations may be limited at this time.

Q: Will the featured badge be on every product or collection that is chosen to be featured? Will it be customizable?

A: By default, Featured Badges are enabled, but you can turn them off within the Smart Search settings.

Q: How do you handle error states? Customers inevitably end up searching for help FAQs or other things outside of products.

A: If there are no results, nothing is returned, and we provide analytics on these searches so you can make the appropriate adjustments. If there are common search terms that yield no results, Keywords can be configured to display desired products.

Q: How do you address typos in search queries?

A: We continuously improve our search functionality over time. Currently, our search engine integrates fuzzy matching, which automatically handles typos by matching search terms up to 3 characters. Additionally, we are implementing semantic search capability in the near future. If there's a common typo that isn't identified through fuzzy matching, users have the option to create a keyword group to address it.

Q: How is customer history pulled? Do they need to log in?

A: Customer history is primarily pulled from cookie tracking. If customers are not signed into their accounts, 100% of the data is anonymous. This means that browsing history and interactions with the website are tracked through cookies, providing insights into customer behavior and preferences without requiring them to log in.


Q: How does Smart Search attribution work?

A: When a customer interacts with Smart Search and adds an item to the cart, the revenue generated from that purchase is attributed to Smart Search. This means that any item added to the cart directly from the search results page, quick view, or from the product detail page (PDP) after using search will count towards Smart Search RGR.

Q: How often do the Smart Search metrics update on the Smart Search dashboard?

A: The Smart Search dashboard metrics accumulate and process in real time.

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