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Learn how to supercharge your apps by connecting them with Rebuy

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How to Install the Rebuy Integration for KlaviyoThis guide will outline how to turn on the Klaviyo integration so you can start driving more sales and conversions.
Grow SMS Subscriber Lists With the Klaviyo x Smart Cart IntegrationThis guide will outline how to enable the Klaviyo x Smart Cart integration to capture phone numbers and build an engaged customer base.
Drive Repeat Purchases With Reorder Landing Pages and KlaviyoThis guide will outline how to create reorder landing pages and add them to Klaviyo flows to increase conversions and reduce churn.
How to Create a Klaviyo Event in the Rebuy DashboardThis guide will outline how to create Klaviyo events in Rebuy to kick-start the process of including product offers in emails.
How to Create a Klaviyo Flow Using a Rebuy Order Placed TriggerThis guide will outline how to create a Klaviyo flow to eventually include Rebuy upsells and cross-sells in your Klaviyo email.
Email & SMS Personalization | Rebuy + KlaviyoReference this guide to access the Rebuy + Klaviyo help docs, all in one place.
How to Use Event Variables in Klaviyo Emails With Dynamic Table BlocksThis guide will outline how to use event variables in Klaviyo's dynamic blocks and tables to add upsells and cross-sells to emails.
Pre-Built Email Templates for Klaviyo FlowsThis guide offers two different email templates that you can copy and paste to kick-start a Klaviyo flow with personalized product offers.
Introducing Event Variables for Klaviyo FlowsThis guide will outline what event variables are and which ones we recommend using to personalize your Klaviyo flows.
Adding Rebuy Recommendations to KlaviyoThis guide will walk you through how to easily add Rebuy to Klaviyo campaigns and flows as well as set up Klaviyo Events in Rebuy