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Adding Rebuy Recommendations to your Gorgias support portal
Adding Rebuy Recommendations to your Gorgias support portal

Bring Rebuys personalized product recommendations directly into your support portal and make it easy for agents to suggest relevant products

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Rebuy integration for Gorgias

Drive sales growth through your helpdesk with Rebuy’s integration for Gorgias. Now, merchants using Gorgias for their helpdesk can seamlessly provide Rebuy’s data-driven product recommendations directly in their inbox. Tailor the perfect product suggestions for your customers and witness positive results in just a matter of days. 📈🛒

Installing the App Integration

Follow these steps to enable the Gorgias and Rebuy integration:

  1. Log into Gorgias.

  2. Search for Rebuy in the "All Apps" section.

  3. Click on "Connect." This will automatically direct you to an authorization page.

  4. Confirm that you approve Rebuy and Gorgias to share the required information for the integration to function.

  5. Click "Allow" to authenticate via OAuth. This will complete the integration setup process.

After completing the steps to connect Rebuy with Gorgias, you should see Rebuy's integration enabled in your Gorgias admin. This indicates that the integration setup was successful and you can now start utilizing Rebuy's features within Gorgias.

If you want the Rebuy integration to appear in your customer agent view, make sure it's toggled "on" as shown below. This ensures that your agents can access and use Rebuy's features directly within Gorgias for efficient customer support.

Once enabled, Rebuy will display products directly in the agent's ticket view as a "widget," similar to what the customer has purchased before. This widget helps the agent understand the customer's interests and enables them to make recommendations based on the customer's purchase behavior. This can greatly enhance the agent's ability to provide personalized and tailored support to customers.

How to use the Gorgias and Rebuy Integration

With the Rebuy integration enabled, agents can efficiently copy and paste Rebuy recommendations directly into the chat interface. This allows agents to easily share product suggestions with customers during conversations. Additionally, they can quickly reference detailed product information, such as descriptions and more, right from within the chat interface. This streamlines the support process and empowers agents to provide customers with accurate and relevant product details without leaving the conversation window.

If you'd like to have more product details available, such as price or vendor, you can configure this by editing the widget via the Gorgias "Settings" icon located in the top right-hand side of the Agent view.

Understanding and Using Rebuy Data Sources in Gorgias

Once you enable the integration, the recommendation widget will use Rebuy's similar products endpoint to make recommendations based on what the customer has purchased automatically, while also defaulting to your stores top selling products if a customer hasn't made a purchase before.

If you'd like to change the recommendations being presented, you can adjust the Rebuy endpoint in the URL section of the HTTP integration under "Settings." This allows you to specify a different endpoint that will provide alternative product recommendations

For example, if the URL is currently using Rebuy's "Similar Products" endpoint and you want to switch to a custom endpoint, you will need to update it as follows.




The same format applies to any other API endpoints you'd like to use. For more detailed information and specific endpoints available for Rebuy, please refer to our developer docs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I see how much revenue this integration is generating?

    • Yes! You can find these details in your "Reports" tab of the Rebuy admin. More on that here.

  • Where can I learn more about data sources?

    • Check out our collection of ideas around data sources and best practices. Keep in mind some data source rules may not apply such as URL Based Rules, Geolocation, Language Personalization, Displayed Discounting, as the recommendations are in the Agent View and not as a typical widget on the online store.

Now you're all set! If you have any questions or need further assistance with setting up the integration, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help!

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