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Create Personalized Product Recommendations On Your Malomo Tracking Page
Create Personalized Product Recommendations On Your Malomo Tracking Page

This help article will show you how to create personalized Rebuy product recommendations on your Malomo tracking page

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What is Malomo?

By utilizing Malomo, businesses can effectively reduce customer support tickets, automate branded shipping notifications, and generate additional revenue. This ensures that customers remain happy and informed throughout the waiting period for their package to arrive.

Why Integrate Rebuy and Malomo?

The integration of Rebuy and Malomo enables merchants to enhance their order tracking pages and shipping notifications by incorporating personalized upsells and cross-sells during the most engaging moments for customers. This integration allows merchants to maximize average order value (AOV), introduce new products, and create exceptional post-purchase experiences.

Creating a Rebuy + Malomo Widget:

From the Rebuy admin, navigate to the Online Store tab. Once there, you'll find a list of the most popular areas where you can enhance your online store, along with a comprehensive list of all the widgets you've created. Locate the option labeled "3rd Party Widgets" and select it.

In case you haven't created a 3rd Party Widget yet, you'll encounter a menu displaying various prebuilt configurations. Choose the "Malomo Widget" option from the menu.

Upon clicking the Malomo Widget it will prompt you to give it a name. Make sure to give it a recognizable name in case you need to make changes to it later on.

The Data Source (Recommendations)

The "Data Source" is how we power the widget and show the customer relevant recommendations. You can use AI, Top Sellers, as well as curate and hand pick your own recommendations based on what the customer has purchased! After you create your custom widget, it will default to a blank rule. You can either change this to some of the preconfigured data sources(AI, Top Sellers, Buy It Again) or edit the created data source and make your own recommendations! For more on Data Sources, check out our list of articles here.

Styling and Language, and Presentation!

With the Data Source set up, it's time for customization! At this point, you can define the language used in the widget, decide the number of recommendations to display (typically 4 in a carousel with additional options), explore possibilities for discounts, and more.

To learn more about creating product page rules for your new widget, check out this article. If you want a deep dive into widget settings, check out this article.

Adding your Malomo Tracking Page Widget

Once you have finished all the required steps to create your widget, you will need to copy and paste the specific line of code under the "placement" section. To add it to your tracking page, you can either obtain this code from the "Placement" section of your widget settings or from the "Install Instructions" located at the top. After copying the code, reach out to your Malomo Representative and request them to add it to your tracking page on your behalf.

You can also consult Malomo's guide on how to add Rebuy to your Tracking Page for reference.


Upon completing the final steps with your Malomo Representative, you will now have access to powerful recommendations on your newly upgraded Malomo tracking page. These recommendations are designed to enhance the customer experience and provide valuable suggestions based on their preferences and purchase history.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Rebuy for support!

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