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Create Personalized Product Recommendations On Your Passport Tracking Page
Create Personalized Product Recommendations On Your Passport Tracking Page

This help article will show you how to create personalized Rebuy product recommendations on your Passport tracking page.

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What is Passport?

Passport is the modern international shipping carrier for e-commerce. With an expansive network, an in-house team of shipping and compliance experts, and a user-friendly software platform, Passport is the shipping carrier that growth-focused brands trust to reach their global potential.

Why Integrate Rebuy and Passport?

Passport and Rebuy have formed a partnership to allow brands who use the Branded Tracking Page Editor to display their Best Seller data from Rebuy, in their tracking page. To add Rebuy to a Passport tracking page, you must install and sign-up for the Passport in your Shopify store, to use this feature in their editor.

Creating a Rebuy Recommendation Widget:

From the Rebuy admin, navigate to the Online Store tab. Once there, you'll find a list of the most popular areas where you can enhance your online store, along with a comprehensive list of all the widgets you've created. Locate the option labeled "3rd Party Widgets" and select it.

If you haven't already created some product page widgets, you'll see a menu with some prebuilt configurations, select "Create New" on the "AI Recommendations" card. Otherwise, select "New Widget" on the top right-hand side of your screen to see the list of pre-configured options. You are more than welcome to choose the others as well! You have full control over the recommendations.

Upon clicking "create" it will prompt you to give it a name. Make sure to give it a recognizable name in case you need to make changes to it later on.

This quick start to AI Recommendations widget will start with 8 items to show and install at the bottom of the page, and the Data Source is set to return AI recommendations. From here you'll just need to determine what you want the language of the widget to say, where the widget is placed, and what the offers(s) will be if you don't want to use the AI. To learn more about creating product page rules for your new widget, check out this article. If you need help placing it after creation, use some dynamic placement! More on widget settings.

  • If you would like to add more styling to the widget that is not available in the widget editor check out this article.

Now that you've created your widget and set up your rules in the Data Source, go test it out! There is a "Live Mode" toggle in the widget settings, just make sure it's off, then you're ready to install and test, if it's working as expected, enable Live Mode and you're set!

The Data Source (Recommendations)

The "Data Source" is how we power the widget and show the customer relevant recommendations. You can use AI, Top Sellers, as well as curate and hand pick your own recommendations based on what the customer has purchased! After you create your custom widget, it will default to a blank rule. You can either change this to some of the preconfigured data sources(AI, Top Sellers, Buy It Again) or edit the created data source and make your own recommendations! For more on Data Sources, check out our list of articles here.

Styling, Language, and Presentation!

With the Data Source set up, it's time for customization! At this point, you can define the language used in the widget, decide the number of recommendations to display (typically 4 in a carousel with additional options), explore possibilities for discounts, and more.

To learn more about creating product page rules for your new widget, check out this article. If you want a deep dive into widget settings, check out this article.

Adding your Passport Tracking Page Widget

Once you have finished all the required steps to create your widget, you will need to copy and paste the specific line of code under the "placement" section. To add it to your tracking page, you can either obtain this code from the "Placement" section of your widget settings or from the "ID: XXXXX" located at the top of the widget editor.

After copying the code, head into the Passport "Edit Tracking Page" screen and add the Rebuy widget ID to the "Rebuy ID" field in the Passport Admin.


Now that you've added the Rebuy Widget ID to the Passport Tracking Page Editor the widget will render and you can power personalized product recommendations directly on your brands tracking page.

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