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Create Personalized Product Recommendations On Your Wonderment Tracking Page
Create Personalized Product Recommendations On Your Wonderment Tracking Page

This help article will show you how to create personalized Rebuy product recommendations on your Wonderment tracking page

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What is Wonderment?

Wonderment is described as a proactive customer experience platform that aims to provide various benefits to businesses. They aim to help companies reduce support costs, increase positive word-of-mouth, and accelerate the growth of their brand.

Wonderment provides a no-code, Shopify-native builder that allows businesses to create fully customized order tracking experiences. This means that companies can tailor their tracking pages to match their brand and specific customer needs in just minutes, without requiring any coding knowledge.

Why Integrate Rebuy and Wonderment?

Integrating Rebuy and Wonderment enables the opportunity to offer product recommendations to customers when they check their order status, potentially resulting in increased conversions and a higher average order value (AOV).

Creating the Wonderment Widget

From the Rebuy admin, navigate to the Widgets tab. Once there, you'll find valuable insights on popular areas to enhance your online store, along with a comprehensive list of all the widgets you've created. Locate the option labeled "3rd Party Widgets" and select it.

In case you haven't yet generated a 3rd Party Widget, you will encounter a menu displaying prebuilt configurations. Proceed to choose the Wonderment Widget option and select "Create New" to initiate the process.


You'll be given the option to edit the widget's title/name when you create it:

The Data Source (Recommendations)

The "Data Source" feature is responsible for fueling the widget and displaying pertinent recommendations to the customers. You have the option to utilize AI, Top Sellers, or curate your own recommendations based on the customer's previous purchases. Once you have created your personalized widget, it will initially have a blank rule. At this point, you can either switch to preconfigured data sources like AI, Top Sellers, or Buy It Again, or modify the existing data source to include your own recommendations. For more on Data Sources, check out our list of articles here.

Adding your Wonderment Tracking Page Widget

Once you have successfully gone through all the required steps to create your widget, it is important to have your Wonderment Tracking Page Widget ID readily available.


For the final steps, consult Wonderment's guide on how to add Rebuy to your Tracking Page for reference.

Upon finishing the necessary steps provided by Wonderment, your newly upgraded Wonderment tracking page will now possess robust recommendations. Remember that you have the flexibility to modify your data sources whenever desired to alter the behavior of the recommendations.

Please note that the Rebuy widget will only render when a valid Order Number and/or Tracking Code is present on the Tracking page, such as the above example.

If you have more questions, please reach out to Support.

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