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How to use Rebuy to merchandise bundles, and top use cases to increase AOV and product discovery

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For ecommerce brands, a product bundling experience is one of the most effective ways to increase your Average Order Value product discovery on-site. Research suggests that 10%–30% of ecommerce revenue comes from upselling and cross-selling via product bundles. If you’ve taken even a small step into bundles though, you’ll soon learn that there are a ton of ways to tackle bundles that all have their pros and cons.

For example, some stores will have a bundle product as a single SKU. This is easy to create but tracking the inventory across all the items in the bundle can be an uphill battle. On the other hand, you can create bundles that are all built from individual SKUs, but you might run into trouble effectively merchandising the bundle, or even an issue where customers are removing products from the bundle, which goes against the main goal of product discovery and increasing your AOV.

There are plenty of ways to pursue bundles and the good news is that with Rebuy, you can create and leverage many types of bundling that fits your store’s needs! Let’s talk about it!

Rebuy’s Product Upsell Widget is designed to replace the originally added product to the cart with a higher value upsell product. This is a great way for stores to increase their AOV by targeting their top selling products, and upselling customers into a higher value bundle. For ecommerce sites, upselling is 20x more effective than cross-selling, according to Econsultancy.

Roma Designer Jewelry uses this to upsell their top selling Silver Chain to a Silver + Gold Bundle, all while merchandising the savings and free shipping that customers get by upgrading their choice.

Roma Designer Jewelry saw a 21.48% boost to AOV, with 17.68% of total sales attributed to Rebuy. In addition, one in five buyers bought a product recommended by Rebuy. Check out the case study here.

Rebuy’s Dynamic Bundle Widget allows your customers to add multiple products to cart with a single click. By doing this, tracking inventory on each of the individual products is much easier. For store son Shopify Plus, this widget can also be paired with Shopify Scripts, to discount the bundle product if it’s kept together, or to remove the discount if one of those items is removed.

Example 1 - Primally Pure (high complexity)

Primally Pure uses Rebuy’s Dynamic Bundling widget to take over their PDP. All of the products in their Kits are individual products that have selectable variants. When a customer clicks the Add to Cart button, each individual product will be added to cart and Shopify Scripts dynamically discounts them. If one of the products is removed from cart, Shopify Scripts will remove the discount and bring all the products back to their original price.

To achieve this, we highly recommend a developer.

From a high level you would:

  • Create a separate bundle SKU product in Shopify, where the price of the SKU price would equal the total price of the dynamic bundle components.

  • Create a dynamic bundle widget with a custom template to match the look and feel of your online store, hide product images, hide check boxes, and hide prices of the component products.

  • Create a custom product page template in Shopify which would apply to all bundle products that hides the native add to cart button.

  • Place the Rebuy widget where the add to cart button would normally be, either using an app block for 2.0 themes, or using dynamic placement

  • The rules in the Data Source connected to the bundle would say IF anything , RETURN Specific Products > select all component products. Don't forget to set the widget discount!

  • Insert the following code snippet into the product page template: <div data-rebuy-id="xxxxx">

    • ^ Replace xxxxx with the Widget ID.

  • (Optional) Create a Shopify Script that discounts the component products when the bundle remains in tact

Example 2 - Promix (medium complexity)

Promix embeds their Dynamic Bundles onto their PDP pages. This lets customers add multiple related products to cart and offers an incentive discount to pair the products together using Shopify Scripts.

This is paired with a custom template to match the look and feel of the online store.

Example 3: Carzilla (low complexity)

This is an example of Rebuy’s Dynamic Bundle widget, pretty much out of the box. No discount is offered on the bundle, but this uses Rebuy’s AI Endpoint to recommend products frequently purchased together

Rebuy's Product Addons widget allows customers to check off products that they would like to add while they’re on the PDP and easily add complimentary products. This widget is connected to the primary add to cart button, so when a customer adds the product to the cart, we'll also add the selected add ons to the cart as well.

As with all Rebuy widgets, this can also be paired with Shopify Scripts to offer exclusive discounts on those products.

One underrated way that every store can offer a bundle is through using a checkout link. Rebuy Smart Links let you create a URL that automatically adds multiple products to the cart when clicked. These can be used to redirect a customer to a Shopify Cart Page, a Shopify Checkout, or a Recharge Checkout. Send customers a pre-filled checkout link through email or SMS campaigns, skipping over the conversion funnel to increase conversion.

The cool part about this as well is that you can also append a discount code to the URL, giving customers an exclusive discount for purchasing the products together.

Ritual Zero saw a massive 46.3% boost to AOV using this tactic along with other Rebuy Best Practices.

All in all, if your goal is to increase Average Order Value and product discovery, bundling should be one of your top priorities! According to Shopify, One brand using Rebuy Hydrant, a hydration beverage company, reported raising its total sales about 40% when it introduced product bundles. Another brand, Doe Lashes, a retailer of Korean silk false lashes, raised its AOV 86% after launching bundles.

There are many ways to bundle using Rebuy; let us know how we can help!

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