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How to Create a Collection Page Widget
How to Create a Collection Page Widget

Use Rebuy to surface Product Recommendations on Collection Pages

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Including a product recommendations widget on your collection pages is a great way to help customers see their recently viewed products, or the best-selling products from within a specific collection.

Since recently-viewed products are a good fit for any collection page, this is the Endpoint we recommend beginning with.

Step 1.

From the Rebuy Admin, click on Widgets, then scroll down and click on Custom widgets to create a new carousel style widget.

Step 2.


Give your custom widget a title. By default, custom widgets do not include any widget language upon their creation. If you’d like the widget to include a title, expand the Language tab in the widget settings.

Step 3.

Set the widget’s Data Source. By default the Data Source tied to a custom widget will be to return Specific Products followed by Rebuy’s AI Recommendations. If you do not select any specific products, only the AI Recommendations will be surfaced in the widget.

Once the Data Source has been configured to return the Recently Viewed Endpoint, Save your changes.

Step 4.

Place the widget on your Collection Page template by customizing your Shopify Theme (Online Store 2.0 themes) and adding a Rebuy App Block;

Check out:

If you have a legacy theme, you can place a widget on your collection pages by revisiting Step 3. and adding a URL-based rule to your widget’s Data Source.

This can allow you to surface the same “Recently Viewed” widget across all of your collection pages by including “collections” in the URL condition, or you can surface specific products or collections conditionally based on what collection the visitor has landed on by including an excerpt of the collection handle from its associated URL:

The default placement location for this will be above the footer at the bottom of the page. To adjust the placement of the widget, enable Dynamic Placement Selectors.

Check out:

Video Demo:

For more tips on getting the most out of your Collection Pages with Rebuy, check out our Collection Page Best Practices.

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