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Online shopping has its addictive qualities. Many shoppers find browsing through your store’s entire product catalog as part of the fun. “Retail therapy” has been proven to work well in helping people improve their mood. However, it can also be a tiresome process for those who aren’t avid shoppers to begin with.

We’ve collected some best practices to help your Collection Pages achieve a healthy balance of assets that are both engaging and actionable. You can help reduce decision fatigue and incorporate conversion assets into your collection pages that help customers finalize those decisions in fewer steps.

Rebuy Widget Types to Consider

1. Recently Viewed Products.

Conversion rate tends to be directly proportional to the number of times a customer sees a product. Typically, customers see a product multiple times before purchasing it. We can help that process along by placing a widget powered by Rebuy’s Recently Viewed Endpoint on the collection page.

2. Top Sellers

Help reduce decision fatigue by showing customers the top selling products from within a given collection using URL-based rules in your widget’s Data Source. Use the widget settings to either make these recommendations stand out or display more subtly by matching your collection page’s existing product grid.

3. Another Collection

Anticipate the customer's next step. If your collection pages already include actionable Add-to-Cart buttons in the product grid, customers can begin filling their cart without the need to visit each product page. In this case, consider embedding a widget that surfaces a different collection above the footer to help guide customers on their journey to more buying options.

To learn how to set up a widget on your collection pages, check out our help doc on How to Create a Collection Page Widget.

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