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ARPU & Rebuy Integration

This Guide Will Help You Add Smart Product Recommendations to Your ARPU Emails

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Step 1: Install and Integrate Rebuy with ARPU

To Install Rebuy, go to the Shopify App Store and click install here: Rebuy App Page. Be sure to schedule a Demo with our team so we can answer any questions you have and offer full support! This can be done here: Request a Demo.

Step 2: Select or Configure Smart Rebuy Recommendations

From your ARPU Admin select the "Products" tab on the left. There will be a drop-down giving you the option to select Rebuy.

Option 1 - Recommended Products: Generally, this is the most common way to integrate Rebuy with ARPU. This setting recommends products based on your Shopify store's order history by checking what is most commonly paired with the customer's selected product(s).

Option 2 - Custom Recommendations: If you would like to create custom recommendations based on IF/ AND/ OR, rules read this guide: How to Create Custom Endpoints

Step 3: Save Settings

From your ARPU Admin click "Save" on the "Products" Page. You'll be all set!

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