• You must be on Shopify Plus to have access to Shopify Scripts.

  • If you are not on Shopify Plus then you must create duplicate products with unique prices and common SKUs in order to create discounted upsells. You would then use a Rebuy Data Source to surface these duplicate (discounted) products via your widget.

  • Does not work with Recharge-related widgets.

Widget Set Up:

Create a widget and make it display reduced pricing:

Script Creator:

Navigate to and click "Create new" and then "Conditional Discount":

Make sure that the "Discounted Item Selector" is set to "Has Properties":

In the keys and values section, add "_widget_id" as the key and the ID of the widget you would like to discount as the value:

Customize your discount to apply, in this example ours would be a fixed percentage of 20 percent:

Click Save and Generate Script:

Copy this to your clipboard and then navigate to the Script Editor App in Shopify:

Create a new Blank Template Script and paste in the Script you just copied, and be sure to preview it in your store to test it out:

Test out your widget and see if the discount was applied:

Congratulations! You've successfully created a Shopify Discounting Script with no coding required.

More Examples:

Fixed Item Discount (This will also only apply the discount to one item):

Customer Email/Tag:

Customer Order Count (returning customers):

Cart Subtotal/Item count:

Shipping Address:


You can do all sorts of campaigns with the script creator. The set up would be very similar to the examples listed above.

Popular campaign types:

  • Conditional Discounts

  • Tiered Discounts

  • Buy X Get X (BOGO)

Important Note:

As long as the "Discountable Items Selector" is set to "Has Properties" and the key is "_widget_id" and the value is the ID of your widget, you have full control of customization with these scripts.

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