Start by uninstalling Rebuy JS globally. Go here and click "Remove" on Rebuy JS. Hit Save!

Now you will need to load Rebuy JS manually into your theme code on any page you have widgets in use. For example, most merchants have a widget on the Product Page, (commonly used is the product.liquid file) but this varies from theme to theme.

RebuyJS Script to Place:

<script async src="{{ shop.permanent_domain }}"></script>

Common Pages and their shared files:

  • Home Page: index.liquid

  • Product Page: product.liquid

  • Cart Page: cart.liquid/ cart-template.liquid

Remember, these vary from theme to theme, so placement may be different! You can verifiy Rebuy is loading on the correct page by checking the console/ network tab in your Developer Tools.

Boom! Rebuy will now load only on the pages you've told it to.

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