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In-Cart Product Recommendations (Cross-Sell Widgets)
In-Cart Product Recommendations (Cross-Sell Widgets)

Learn how to build and install In-Cart Product Recommendations in your Smart Cart with Cross-Sell Widgets

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What are In-Cart Product Recommendations?

In-cart product recommendations are personalized product suggestions that are displayed within the Smart Cart. Each recommendation is unique based on customer journey and data source configurations.

Why are they useful?

Their purpose is to entice shoppers to purchase more items by recommending products based on the items they have already added to their cart. In-cart product recommendations can help enhance the shopping experience for customers and potentially increase the average order value.

Building and Enabling In-Cart Recommendations (Cross-Sell Widgets)

Building the Widget

Navigate to the Smart Cart settings, scroll down to the "Cross-Sells Widgets" section and choose the "Create Cart Flyout Widget" option.

Feel free to name your cart flyout widget whatever you prefer and click "Create it!"

It's worth noting that you can create multiple widgets and enable or disable them as needed. If you want to easily differentiate between them, it's a good idea to give them specific names that describe their purpose or the type of products they feature.

After building your widget, it will not be live by default and will be disabled until you decide to enable it. This gives you the chance to fully customize it to your liking before making it visible to customers. You can confirm whether your widget has been successfully installed on the Smart Cart by checking for an active and saved check mark on the page.

Enabling the Widget

By default, the widget will display the recommended AI whenever there is anything in the cart, but you can modify the rules for the widget's data source to display different products based on your preferences and customer behavior.

If you are satisfied with the default configuration for the recommended AI and wish to enable the widget, simply check the box next to the widget and click on the save button. This will activate the widget and display the recommended products to your customers based on their shopping behavior. If you would like to modify the widget's settings later on, you can always return to the Widget settings and adjust them as needed.

To view the in-cart recommendations on your website, you can browse to your site and add some items to your shopping cart. If you have set your Smart Cart to "Published" mode, you can navigate to your live site and see the recommendations in action.

However, if you are still in "Preview" mode, you can click on the "Preview Cart" button to view the cart without it being visible to your customers. This allows you to test the recommendations and make any necessary adjustments before making them visible to your customers.

Here is a quick example of a live Smart Cart:

Customizing the Widget

To customize the widget, Go to the Smart Cart settings and scroll down to the "Cross-Sells Widgets" section. Look for the widget ID that you want to customize and click on it. This will take you to the widget's customization page where you can make changes to its settings and configurations.

Alternatively, you can go to the widgets page and find the widget you wish to modify.

After accessing the widget settings page, you have the flexibility to modify various aspects of the widget, including its name, the product types it displays, available discounts, timers, layout, styles, data sources, and other features.

From this page, you can also access the data source that powers your widget. This enables you to adjust the rules governing what items to present and when to show them.

Switching Widgets or Priority of the Widgets

If you have several in-cart recommendation widgets, you can toggle them on and off at your discretion. Additionally, if you have multiple enabled, you can prioritize them according to your preference.

Navigate to the Smart Cart settings, scroll down to the "Cross-Sells Widgets" section. Here you will see your in-cart recommendation widgets. You can uncheck the one you want to disable, check the one you want to enable and click save to swap them out.

If you have multiple enabled, you will see them shown as seen below. You can click and drag the blocks to change which order they will show within the Smart Cart. Dont forget to save!

If you have any questions, send us those questions through the messenger on this page with your details in hand!

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