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Troubleshooting Widget Layout Issues
Troubleshooting Widget Layout Issues

In this document we share helpful code and troubleshooting techniques for fixing unexpected widget layout issues.

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Sometimes, we have observed that after installing widgets, they may not look as expected, similar to the example shown below. This issue may be caused by problems with the carousel library, but there are workarounds available to resolve it.

A carousel is a user interface element that displays a series of images or other content in a rotating fashion. As an example, Flickity makes it easy to create carousels that work well on both desktop and mobile devices, with smooth transitions and support for touch gestures like swiping.

In order to attempt to address the potential carousel or CSS problem shown above by incorporating the subsequent code block.

#rebuy-widget-xxxx .rebuy-product-grid { min-width: 100% !important; }

Replace XXXX in the code above with your specific widget ID and add it to your widget under Widget Editor > Styles > Custom CSS as pictured here:

The integration now displays as anticipated after implementing the aforementioned code, as illustrated in the image below:

If the issue persists, then please open a ticket with the Support team through the messenger on this page with your details in hand!



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