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Data Source "Endpoints" - General Overview
Data Source "Endpoints" - General Overview
What are endpoints and how do I use them?
Written by Flynn Ramos
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What is an endpoint in relation to the Rebuy Data Source?

Rebuy has created different endpoints that will return pre-built, custom rules when selected, saving you time when building your personalized widgets. There are five different endpoints to choose from across two different classes:

The endpoints built with AI are training/learning and giving updated recommendations based on individual and collective customer data. The Category endpoints are pulling data and recommending products that meet a set of specific characteristics.

AI Endpoints

Rebuy’s AI Endpoints will watch and respond to customer trends without needing any additional effort from you. Recommendations to customers shift as needed based on the data that Rebuy’s proprietary AI is pulling from.

Pro tip: Use an AI endpoint as the last rule in any custom ruleset in order to make sure the widget is always displaying product recommendations.

Recommended (AI)

This endpoint looks at the input product(s) and then cross references them with other products that customers have purchased. This AI is always training and updating to give the most up-to-date product recommendations for customers.

Pro tip: Use this as a dynamic “Customers Also Bought” function to your website.

Similar Products (AI)

The Similar Products endpoint looks at Product data (tags, types, etc.), Specific customer data (cart data, past order data, etc.) as well as storefront wide data (general product data, conversion data, etc.) in order to recommend products similar to the one your customer is viewing. The Similar Products endpoint is great for improving Product Discovery at any point of the customer journey.

Pro tip: Use this endpoint on Product Display Pages to offer alternatives for your customers. This can also be used in Post-Purchase to recommend a product that’s similar to one that the customer just purchased.

Category Endpoints

Category endpoints will pull and display product recommendations to customers based on specific characteristics. Rebuy regularly checks and updates data to ensure that Category endpoints are displaying the most up to date information.

Top Sellers

This will display the products from your store that have the highest sales volume. Rebuy regularly collects sales history and will update dynamically if your inventory sales volume rankings change.

Pro tip: Use this endpoint paired with a widget on the home page in order to show customers the most popular items from your store. Learn more about creating a Home Page widget.

Buy it Again

The Buy it Again endpoint will return items that the customer has purchased in the past. This only works if the customer is logged into their store account. The image below shows the most common use case for this endpoint but can be paired along with other Customer based input rules.

Pro tip: Use this endpoint along with an account page widget.

Recently Viewed

This endpoint will display products that the customer has navigated to and viewed.

Pro tip: Use this endpoint paired up with a cart page widget. Typically merchants will have this as a second (back up) widget on the cart page or product page!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team.

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