Hide Products From Being Recommended

Learn to exclude certain products from being shown on a Rebuy widget using the Recommended(AI), and Top Sellers Endpoints.

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To prevent certain products from being suggested in our recommended AI endpoints, you have the option to assign a specific product tag to the product(s) in Shopify. This will enable the exclusion of those products from the recommendations.

NOTE: Adding this tag will only stop the item from being shown when using the AI/ Top Sellers Endpoint(s). If you hand pick the product or it's in a collection you choose to return, it will still show.

Hide Products From Being Recommended

Step 1

To hide products from appearing in the recommendations for the AI endpoint, simply assign the product tag exclude_rebuy to those specific products.

Step 2

Clear your recommendation cache (so that new results are created).

Before proceeding with clearing the recommendation cache, please make sure you understand the implications. Clearing the recommended cache will delete all the orders used for running the 'Recommended (AI)' algorithm. Consequently, this will temporarily reduce the effectiveness of the site's recommendations until new orders are received and utilized for running the algorithm. However, the synchronization process is fast.

Important Note

Any time you make product or collection changes in Shopify, it may take a short while to sync over with Rebuy. thus causing some delay when trying to view your updated products or collections in Rebuy. But don't worry, we have a way for you to start a manual resync to get things up to date faster!

If you're still seeing the product, make sure the tag is correct, and reach out to support.

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