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How to Apply Datasource "Exclusion Filters"
How to Apply Datasource "Exclusion Filters"

In this article we will walk through the steps on how you can exclude products from being recommended by applying exclusion filter(s).

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Applying an exclusion filter to a data source is a quick and effective way to exclude specific products from being recommended in the connected widget's product recommendations. These filters can be extremely helpful in many cases where you want to run a promotion on select products and do not want those products to be recommended by widgets throughout your store, or if you just have a single product such as shipping protection that you do not want to offer in a widget.

Exclusion Filter Capabilities

This hot off the press feature allows you to go a little further with exclusions in the form of a "Filter". This setup is quick and painless, allowing you to (1). Items can be excluded by tag or by (2), directly selecting a specific product(s) from the data source. If the widget is powered by the filtered data source, then the filtered products should not appear.

NOTE: You cannot currently filter at the variant level. This means, if you add an exclusion filter for a product, it will exclude the entire product, regardless of whether or not you choose just one variant of the product.

Applying a Filter

  1. After selecting a datasource to edit, locate the "Add Exclusion Filter" button

  2. To exclude specific products, ensure the first input box selected is labeled "Specific Products" and then begin to add to your list of items you wish to be excluded in the second input box noted here! Note that the search field allows you to select specific variants of each product! 😀

  3. To exclude products containing a specific tag, ensure the first input box selected is labeled "Tag". Next, add the tag name that's included on the product(s) you wish to exclude.


    Adding multiple tags to one exclusion rule will narrow the results of the search. In this case below it will filter out only items containing ALL of these tags.


Congrats on applying your first exclusion filter. Feel free to create as many exclusion filters for each data source as you find necessary. Here is an example of a combination of filters seen on one data source.

The Alternative

The alternative method of preventing products from being surfaced in a Rebuy widget is implemented by adding a special tag to the product(s) in your Shopify admin which can be accomplished by following this link below.


Using this tag method will only exclude items from being recommended if your data source is returning these two endpoints:

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