Step 1:

Add the following product tag to any product you don't want to show via the Recommended Widget: exclude_rebuy

Step 2:

Clear your recommendation cache (so that new results are created).

Before you do this step, ensure you know what clearing the recommended cache will do. If you clear the recommended cache it'll delete all of the orders we use to run the 'Recommended (AI)' algorithm against. As a result, it'll make the recommendations on the site less effective until new orders cone in that we can use to run the algorithm against. This syncs quickly however!

  • You can wait for Rebuy to do its daily recommended cache clearing or you can clear the cache manually.

Manually clearing the cache:

In Rebuy Admin, navigate to the "Data Sources" page in the navigation and click "cache manager" on the top right hand side of the screen. Click "Clear Cache", then "Recommended Products Cache: (clear)". This should do the trick!

Congrats! The products you configured to exclude will no longer show via your Recommended Products widget.

Still having issues?

Make sure your products are in sync with Rebuy! Click your myshopify URL in the bottom left navigation > status. You'll see a list of data starting with Products. If they are not in sync, click resync and refresh the page to track progress.

  • Adding this tag will only stop the item from being shown when using the AI/ Top Sellers Endpoint(s). If you hand pick the product or it's in a collection you choose to return, it will still show.

If you're still seeing the product, make sure the tag is correct, and reach out to support.

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