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View all of your products without leaving Rebuy!

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Products Page Overview

You can conveniently access and manage all of products within Rebuy's interface, without having to leave the platform. Furthermore, you can click on specific products to discover the recommendations that Rebuy generates for their customers, utilizing our Similar Product or Recommended Product functionalities.

Products Page Functionality

In this section, you will have the following capabilities:

  • View a comprehensive list of all the store's products.

  • Utilize a search bar to easily search through product inventory.

  • Gain an understanding of the product recommendations that would be generated for each product using Rebuy's recommended AI endpoint.

  • Gain insights into the product recommendations that would be generated for each product using Rebuy's Similar Products endpoint.

  • Preview Rebuy recommendations before they are implemented live.


Below are the current limitations to the products page:

  • You will not have visibility into how products are surfaced from any other dynamic Rebuy Rules or Data Sources.

  • You are unable to add/edit tags, collections, product types, vendors, product IDs, descriptions, images, pricing, etc directly from this page.


Below are the definitions for each of the column descriptions:

  • Product Info is the "title" of the product in Shopify.

  • Out of Stock displays whether or not a Rebuy detects inventory for the product.

  • Frequently Purchased Together will showcase the products the Rebuy AI recommendation endpoint will return.

  • Similar Products will showcase the products the Rebuy similar products endpoint will return.

Searching Products

To find the particular product you wish to see, you have the option to search using either the product title (product information) or the product ID.

You must type more than three characters in the search bar to yield results.

View via Online Store

By clicking this button, you will be directed to the specific product's administrative portal in Shopify. From there, you can make any necessary modifications or adjustments as needed.


Frequently Purchased Together

In the "Frequently Purchased Together" section, you will find the products that the Rebuy "Recommended AI" endpoint suggests.

Similar Products

In the "Similar Products" section, you will find the products that the Rebuy "Similar Products AI" endpoint suggests.

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