What is an endpoint in relation to the Rebuy Data Source?

The end point is like pre-built rules/products to be returned. At the time of creating this article there are 4 default endpoints and we will go over what each endpoint does in this document.

  • Recommended (AI)

  • Top Sellers

  • Buy it Again

  • Recently Viewed

Recommended (AI)

This is the most commonly used endpoint. This endpoint looks at the input product(s) and then cross references it/them with what other customers have purchased along with this/these. This is our most powerful endpoint and works great for many merchants.

Pro tip: Use this endpoint as the last rule amongst the ruleset in order to have make sure the widget is always displaying products. Most commonly used for product page, cart page, Smart Cart/Cart flyout and checkout widgets.

Top Sellers

This will display the products from your store that have the most sold. Rebuy regularly collects sales history and updates dynamically if new items start selling more.

Pro tip: Use this endpoint paired with a widget on the home page in order to show customers the most popular items from your store.

How to Create A Home Page Widget

Buy it Again

The buy it again endpoint will return items that the customer has purchased in the past. This only works if the customer is logged in. The image below shows the most common use case for this endpoint but can be paired along with other Customer based input rules.

Pro tip: Use this endpoint along with an account page widget.

Recently Viewed

This endpoint will display products that the customer has navigated to and viewed. Note: This will display products that could have been added to the cart already.

Pro tip: Use this endpoint paired up with a cart page widget. Typically merchants will have this as a second (back up) widget on the cart page or product page!

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