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How To Create A Shopify Checkout Widget (Legacy Checkout)
How To Create A Shopify Checkout Widget (Legacy Checkout)

This help article will show you how to create a Shopify Checkout Widget show cross-sells directly in the checkout using Rebuy

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What is a Shopify Checkout Widget?

The checkout process is a crucial stage in the customer journey that can significantly impact your business's revenue and customer satisfaction. It is the final step before completing the purchase, and therefore, it provides a great opportunity to cross-sell last-minute items to increase the average order value (AOV) and improve your website's conversion rate.

Shopify requires merchants to be on Shopify Plus in order to edit the checkout.liquid file which is required for this widget installation. If you do not already have checkout.liquid then you will need to use the new Shopify Checkout Extensions widget as they are deprecating the legacy Checkout.liquid.

Why is it important?

By recommending relevant items in the checkout that the customer may have overlooked, you can increase the likelihood of additional purchases and boost the AOV. This can help your business to generate more revenue per customer and ultimately increase profitability.

Incorporating cross-selling and personalized recommendations into the checkout process can be achieved through the use of the checkout widget. By implementing this feature, you can optimize the checkout process, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more revenue for your business.

"Wait! If you haven't completed steps 1-3 on our getting started guide, do that first!", "If you need additional help installing the widget, you should land on this screen if your file isn't enabled. Come back after following instructions!

Creating a Shopify Checkout Widget:

Once you are logged into Rebuy, you can locate the Widgets tab and view a list of all the widgets that are currently available. Once you are on the Widget page, select the "Shopify Checkout" widget.

If you haven't yet created a Shopify checkout widget, you'll see a menu with various prebuilt configurations. To create a new widget for in-checkout recommendations, select "Create New" on the "In-Checkout Recommendations" card. This will enable you to customize and optimize the checkout experience to promote additional purchases, increase the AOV, and improve customer satisfaction.

If you have already created a Shopify checkout widget, you can select "New Widget" on the top right-hand side of the screen to view a list of pre-configured options. These options offer different customization settings that can be tailored to your business needs. You have full control over the recommendations, and you can choose the ones that best fit your product offerings and customer preferences.

In-Checkout Recommendations widget includes two default settings. The first is that the widget will show two recommended items to customers below the items in their checkout page and above the discount field. The second is that the Data Source is set to return AI recommendations. These settings can be modified to fit your business needs and preferences.

The pre-built data source powering the Shopify Checkout Widget will be set to return AI recommendations. You can manually select others that are related or complementary to the products in the customer's cart by going to the data source settings

Installing the Shopify Checkout Widget

Once you have set up your data source rules and customized your widget to your liking, the next step is to install the widget into the checkout.liquid file.

The checkout.liquid file is a template used by Shopify to display the checkout process for Shopify Plus users only. To install the widget, you need to locate the checkout.liquid file in your Shopify theme editor and add the widget code to the appropriate section of the file.

If you do not already have checkout.liquid then you will need to use the new Shopify Checkout Extensions widget as they are deprecating the legacy Checkout.liquid.

Customize and Optimize!

After installing the widget into the checkout.liquid file, you can continue to modify and customize it to your liking.

If you are looking for inspiration or ideas on how to customize your widget, you can visit the Rebuy Checkout Inspirations page. This page features examples of how other businesses have customized their in-checkout recommendation widgets, including different design options, placement choices, and offers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team!

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