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Targeting Specific Customer Types Using Customer Tag Rules
Targeting Specific Customer Types Using Customer Tag Rules

Use Customer Tag rules to target specific customers with your widgets

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Using Customer Tag Rules

Using customer tag rules in a widget's data source is a great way to tailor your offers to the customers who see them.

Targeting first time buyers

First, set up the first rule to show no products if a customer has purchased an item before. Make sure "Exit if Matched" is toggled on, otherwise return customers will see products from the next rule as well

Next, make a second rule that will determine what products are shown to first time buyers. Because Rule #1 has "Exit with Matched" enabled, only new customers will see this offer:

In this case, the widget would offer products from AI Recommendations, but this rule can be customized to offer whatever products you would like.

Target customers with specific tags

Using Customer Tags offers more specific control over which products and offers are shown to your customers. For example, this rule would show AI Recommendations to any logged in customer with a designated tag:

You can use a similar approach if you'd like to prevent certain customers from seeing an offer with a rule similar to this one:

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