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Registered Leads Dashboard
Registered Leads Dashboard

Review and monitor the progression of your leads

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As you submit leads through the “Register Lead” button, you can view a summary of all leads through your Registered Leads dashboard. This dashboard is provided to keep you well-informed on where you lead is in our sales cycle.

The dashboard is found directly under the “Request Shop to Be Added” and “Register Lead” buttons:

(To learn more about registering a lead, please see this article)

The Date, Brand, Domain, Lead Stage, and Lead Result for each lead are displayed in the dashboard:

Click ‘View Details” to view additional information including the name of the contact for the lead, their email address, and any notes you provided upon submission:

Each lead will include a current lead status. The status of a lead is reflective of its current stage in our sales cycle. Options for status comprise of:

  • Pre-Introduction

  • Introduction Made

  • Demo Scheduled

  • Pending Install

  • Installed Trial

  • Closed - Won

  • Closed - Lost

Each lead will also include a current lead result. Options for results comprise of:

  • In Review

  • Accepted

  • Rejected

Together, the lead status and lead result of each lead will be indicators of success. Reviewing and discussing your leads’ status and results should be a recurring topic when you meet with your Partner Manager.

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