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Having issues logging into Rebuy?

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Rebuy Login Issues Troubleshooting

Having Rebuy login issues? Here are some common steps that you can atempt to take prior to opening a ticket with support. If these do not work, then please open a ticket with our Support team and we will help troubleshoot!

  1. Click this link to clear certain cookies/cache - https://rebuyengine.com/logout

  2. Clear cache and cookies completely.

  3. Clear local storage as seen in the screenshot below.

Update Shopify Permissions

As new functionality is developed for the Rebuy Platform occasionally requires users to revisit the Shopify oAuth process to approve new scopes. This ensures that users have access to the latest features and capabilities integrated into the Rebuy Platform.


Rebuy has updated our Shopify permissions.

Sign in to Shopify to approve.

After selecting the store, users will see a modal. Clicking "Continue to Shopify" will prompt them to log in to Shopify and approve the scope change. Once approved, they will be redirected back to Rebuy.

Note: Staff accounts will see a modal indicating that an Admin approval is required for scope changes. They may see an error similar to what is outlined below.

Oauth error invalid_request: Permissions Error

Should we make any modifications to the information retrieved from Shopify for the proper functioning of our product/features on Rebuy, it might be necessary for our customers to reauthorize the app usage. In such cases, certain staff members without account ownership or owner privileges may receive an error message as described below. This means that they will not be able to login to rebuy without the store owner going into Shopify and approving the changes to the app. Once the owner approves the changes, the staff will be able to login to rebuy once again, business as usual

If you encounter this error, it indicates that the Store owner or an individual with the necessary permissions must access the Shopify Admin, navigate to Launch Rebuy, and accept the privilege changes. After completing this step, the remaining staff members will be able to resume using Rebuy as usual for business purposes.

Error Message:

Oops, something went wrong.

What happened?

Oauth error invalid_request: This app is requesting to be reinstalled and your account does not have permission to grant the requested access. You may be able to resolve this issue by reinstalling the app as the account owner

Screenshot of How to Update app:

Insufficient Privileges

If you are seeing an error such as this one. This means the user account you are logged in with does not have the proper permissions in Shopify to access our app. The site owner will need to grant you access to Rebuy in the Shopify settings for you to be able to authenticate and utilize Rebuy.


You need permission to view this page.

Email the account owner to get access to this page.

If you continue to encounter login errors, then please reach out to support!

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