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Rebuy Cart Add-On Smart Cart App
Rebuy Cart Add-On Smart Cart App

🎁 Elevate your customer experience with our Cart Add-On upsell toggle to offer special upsells such as gift wrapping and more!

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Hello, fellow e-commerce aficionados! Today, we're excited to introduce you to a game-changing tool that will revolutionize your shopping cart experience: Rebuy's Smart Cart Add-On app. This feature empowers you to tailor your cart to include a user friendly toggle upsell for things such as gift wrapping, express shipping, shipping protection, gift cards, and more.

If you require shipping protection services, please be advised that Rebuy does not offer inherent shipping protection or product insurance. You may choose to use an alternative shipping protection application, such as Route, which is a technology partner integrated with our platform.

This application functions as a convenient toggle switch for upsell options, specifically for applications that are not currently directly integrated with Rebuy's Smart Cart.

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, in-cart upsells offer a powerful strategy to enhance both revenue and customer satisfaction. By seamlessly integrating options such as premium gift wrapping and skip the line in cart, ecommerce businesses can unlock new streams of revenue while providing added value to their customers. These strategic upsells not only increase average order value but also differentiate your brand in a competitive market, positioning your store as customer-centric and forward-thinking.

With this app, you will have the option to auto-add the product to cart, or allow customers to manually add. If the product is auto added, customers can manually remove the item from their cart. The item will then not be auto-added again during the same session.

Let's get started!

Configuration and Installation

Follow these instructions to get a product built in Shopify, configuring a Data Source, and enabling the Smart Cart - Cart Add-On app!

Create your Shopify Product

  1. Accessing the Shopify Admin Page: Login to your store's Shopify admin page.

  2. Navigating to 'Products': Once on the admin page, click on the 'Products' option.

  3. Adding a New Product: On the 'Products' page, click on the 'Add product' button to begin adding a new product.

  4. Naming Your Product: In the 'Title' field, enter the name of your product.

  5. Uploading a Product Image: Upload a picture for your product, which will serve as the main image on your online store.

  6. Pricing Your Product: Enter the price for your product in the designated field.

  7. Setting Tax Options: Choose whether or not to charge tax on the product.

  8. Managing Product Quantity: If applicable, track the quantity of your product.

  9. Adding Product Tags: Add tags to your product for categorization and organization. Enter 'exclude_rebuy' to prevent it from being recommended via default AI endpoints.

  10. Managing Sales Channels: Ensure that sales for this product are only allowed on the online store.

  11. Saving Your Product: After filling in all necessary details, click 'Done' and then save your new product.

Great! Now you have a new product to upsell!

Build the Data Source

You will need a Data Source to power the Cart Add-On app so let's get that product you just built configured in a data source rule.

  1. Access the Rebuy Engine Dashboard: Access the Rebuy Engine Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to 'Data Sources': Once on the dashboard, find and click on the 'Data Sources' option to manage your data sources.

  3. Create a 'New Ruleset': Click on the 'New Ruleset' button on the 'Data Sources' page to create a new data source.

  4. Name Your Data Source: Give your data source a unique and relevant name on the new ruleset page.

  5. Navigate to the 'Return' rules: After naming your data source, click on the 'Return' option to manage your Data Source output.

  6. Select a 'Specific Product': Click on the 'Specific Product' button to choose a specific product for your data source.

  7. Select Your Product: Search for the product you want to add in the search bar and select it.

  8. Save Your Data Source: Once you've selected your product, click on the 'Save' button to save your data source with the selected product.

  9. Copy Your Data Source ID: After saving, you'll see a Data Source ID number. Copy this number for future reference.

Enable the Cart Add-On App

  1. Accessing the Dashboard: Begin by visiting the Rebuy Engine's dashboard at

  2. Exploring the 'Smart Cart': Once on the dashboard, locate and click on the 'Smart Cart' option. This is where you'll manage all aspects of your Smart Cart.

  3. Selecting Your Smart Cart: Choose the specific Smart Cart you wish to enhance, or create a new one if needed.

  4. Finding the 'Cart Add-On' App: Scroll down to the Smart Cart apps section and find the 'Cart Add-On' app.

  5. Configuring the Cart Add-On: Click on the gear icon next to the Cart Add-On to access its settings.

  6. Entering the Data Source ID: Input the unique Data Source ID previously configured to power the Cart Add-On.

  7. Configure Add Item by Default ('Yes' or 'No'):

    1. Select 'Yes' if you want the app to automatically add a specific product to the cart whenever a customer adds any product from your storefront.

      • Example: If you sell accessories, you might want a specific accessory to be added automatically when any product is purchased.

      • Note: Customers can manually remove the auto-added item from their cart. The item will not be auto-added again during the same session.

    2. Select 'No' if you prefer not to auto-add the product.

      • Manual Addition: Customers can still add the item manually if desired.

  8. Saving Your Settings: After entering the Data Source ID, click 'Save' to store your configurations.

  9. Activating the Cart Add-On: Toggle the switch next to the Cart Add-On to activate it.

  10. Saving Your Changes: Don't forget to click 'Save' again to ensure your changes are applied.

With these simple steps, you've successfully enhanced your Smart Cart with the powerful Cart Add-On toggle.

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