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Home Page Best Practices

Let's see how we can optimize the homepage of your store.

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For many customers, your home page is the first part of the store you’ll see. It’s critical for the health of your business that your home page is optimized for conversions, by allowing customers to discover and add the right products with as little effort as possible. In our analysis of some of the top-performing online stores, Rebuy has identified the top 3 areas of opportunity to optimize your Home Page.

1. Include Call to Action Buttons right on your home page.

Are customers able to add products directly from your homepage? Or are you one of the thousands of stores that require the customer to click through to the product page before adding? Each Rebuy widget by default has a call to action button that will allow customers to quickly add products to their cart. Widgets can be customized to allow variants to be displayed by default, select quantities, or upgrade to subscription link to article. By enabling customers to quickly select variants, edit quantities, and upgrade to subscription, customers are more likely to convert and discover new products as we shorten the time required to purchase.

2. Display Product Reviews

Research has shown that 1 in 3 customers will not purchase from a store that doesn’t show product reviews. Rebuy integrates with the most popular and trusted review apps so that you can build trust with your customers through your hard-earned reviews. If you’re collecting reviews, make sure to enable product reviews under the Integrations tab in the widget settings.

3. Use Our Rules Engine to Display the right products at the right time.

If you’re a regular at your local cafe, and the barista recognizes you– would you expect them to greet you the same way as they would a brand new customer? Of course not! Similarly, should 1st time customers have the same experience as a loyal returning customer? My experience shopping on Amazon is not the same as yours, and we can emulate this on your online store! Rebuy supercharges your home page with Home Page widgets and our powerful rules engine so that the right customers are presented with the right products at this stage of their customer journey. Check out a few use cases below:

A. Call your customer by name.

Personalize your store and give your customers an experience they won’t forget by setting up rules to display the customers first name when you have a customer ID (i.e. the customer is logged in, or they’ve been logged in previously and that has been cookied throughout the session). More on customizing language in this article here.

B. Use UTM parameters and URL rules to display different products/messaging based on how the customer clicked through to the store.

There are many different ways in which customers can land through your store. Paid social, email, SMS, and influencer marketing are just a few examples. Rebuy’s rules engine (data sources) will allow you to customize what products and messaging is displayed based on utm parameters. Maybe if a customer clicks through an influencer campaign you want to show products surfaced from that specific influencer. Or maybe there’s an offer you only want to be displayed to email subscribers! Check out our Demo Store for some examples..



Example B Rule:

C. Display different messaging to customers based on customer segment.

Rebuy’s Rules Engine can use customer tags, order count, or total spend to display different messaging and products dynamically based on who this customer is. As an example, maybe you want customers who are tagged as vegan to see products from the vegan collection. Or maybe you want customers who are tagged as women to see products from the women's collection. Or maybe you’re a subscription business that wants to acquire new subscribers, so you have messaging that says “Subscribers Save x%” when customers are not tagged as an active subscriber. Whatever your marketing objective is, Rebuy can help align so that the right customers are shown the right products with the right messaging.

Example C Rule:

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