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Post Purchase Best Practices
Post Purchase Best Practices

Get more from Post Purchase using these tips!

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Post-purchase offers occur immediately after a customer completes an order (but before the Thank You page). These offers are ideal because excitement and trust peak at the point of sale. And because the order is already complete, post-purchase offers do not impact your conversion rate.

What’s more, one-click post-purchase offers are super convenient for both the customer and the merchant. When a post-purchase offer converts, Rebuy edits the original order. No need for your customer to re-enter payment details!

Best Practices:

  • Accessories -

    • Rebuy's rules engine gives you the ability to tailor offers depending on the items in the initial order. Alternatively, you can use Rebuy's AI to automatically provide complimentary products that have usually been bought by prior customers.

  • Buy 1 Gift 1 -

    • Offer two of the same product, and encourage the customer to gift one.

  • Subscriptions -

    • Customers using Recharge can upsell subscriptions post purchase with a single click. This is a great way to increase AOV, retention, and subscriber count. Make sure to have the Recharge integration turned on.

  • Mystery Gift -

    • While mystery gifts make a great in-checkout cross-sell, they're also perfect for post-purchase offers.

  • Add social proof in the description -

    • If you have a customer testimonial or quote, add that to the description under the language tab in the post purchase offer widget to maximize for conversions!

Post Purchase Limitations and Considerations:

Reading the official Shopify limitation documentation and our Post Purchase Offer Considerations help document can provide insights on when/how/why Post Purchase will function on Shopify.

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