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Post Purchase Reporting Analytics

Understand how Rebuy Post Purchase is performing for you!

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Within this section, you will find a collection of nine cards, each representing a crucial analytic or factor that contributes to the calculation of another analytic. In addition to these cards, the report provides more comprehensive details about the performance of each product included in your post-purchase offer(s). This information offers a deeper understanding of how each individual product is performing and allows for a more in-depth analysis of their impact on the overall success of your post-purchase strategy.

This report encompass Post Purchase ONLY. If you are interested in learning more about the performance of all other widgets, head over to the Widget analytics Report article.

Merchants seeking more comprehensive information on their Post Purchase A/B tests and the status of each individual Post-Purchase flow can access this detailed information within the Post-Purchase flow itself.

Running Post Purchase Analytics Report

There are two ways to run the Post Purchase analytics report.

Running via Reports Page

Go to the Rebuy Admin > Reports page and select either Today, 30, 60, 90, or a custom report option to generate a report for the specified date range.

If you run the report via this method, you will need to switch from the widget report tab to the post purchase tab.

Running via Post Purchase Page

Go to the Rebuy Admin > Post Purchase > Post Purchase Analytics. The date range will default to today. You can adjust the date range to 30, 60, 90, or a custom report option to generate a report for the specified date range.

Analytic Definitions

Analytics Type


Total Orders

The total number of orders made by customer for the time period.

Total Displayed

The total number of times the post purchase offer(s) were displayed.

Display Rate

The percentage of orders that resulted in a post purchase offer being displayed to customers.

Total Sales

The total number of sales, in your store's currency, that have gone through your store.

Total Orders Added To

The total number of orders a post purchase item has been added to the original order.

Conversion Rate

This will show how your post purchase offer(s) are performing. The higher the rate the better. The lower the rate, you should review your offer to ensure it is enticing enough to boost your AOV.

Revenue Per Order

This represents the average revenue gained from each order that was generated through post-purchase offers.

Total Items Added

Total amount of items added to the initial purchase.

Total Subscription Items Added

This will show how many subscribers you gained if you have a subscription offer within your post purchase.


  • Are refunds included in the Rebuy Post Purchase analytics?

    • Currently, post-purchase orders are tracked separately from the initial orders, resulting in the inability to identify refunds at present. However, in the future, we plan to integrate both post-purchase and widget analytics, during which refunds will be subtracted from the overall analytics.

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