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Tracking Post Purchase orders in Shopify
Tracking Post Purchase orders in Shopify

This article will demonstrate how you can track orders that accepted a Post Purchase offer.

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If you are interested in tracking which orders have had Post Purchase add-ons included in them, you can use the Shopify Flows app. This article will outline the basic steps of building out a flow to capture this information!

Please use this article as a guide only. Shopify Flows is not a Rebuy product therefore any questions or concerns would need to be directed to the Shopify Flows team.

Rebuy Support is unfortunately unable to assist with any issues you may experience while setting up your flow.

Post Purchase Orders Example

Orders that have been edited to include a Post Purchase item will have a unique identifier within the order history indicating that the Post Purchase offer was accepted during the checkout process.

Setting up Shopify Flows

To efficiently detect all these orders promptly, you must utilize Shopify Flows. Previously, Shopify Flows had an event called "order edited," which has been discontinued. Consequently, you now need to employ the "order paid" event along with a condition for "order edited" to achieve the same outcome.

Configure your Shopify flow as shown below. This setup will automatically assign tags to orders that have been edited (after accepting a post-purchase offer). By tagging these orders, you can effortlessly monitor and filter them for easy reference.

Shopify Flows work retroactively. If a merchant edits a past order, that has nothing to do with a post purchase offer, that order will be tagged by this work around because it's order.edited property is now true.

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