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Creating Post-Purchase Flows

Learn how to build a post-purchase flow!

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We've created this guide to help you set up your post-purchase flow experience, and then build on the basics. The post-purchase flows are used to power the post-purchase widget(s) you have set up.


You can have up to 20 flows built but only 10 live at any time. The Flows will be prioritized from a top down approach. In layman's terms, it will act as a large data source ruleset. When activated, all the flows will be assessed from the top to the bottom, displaying the one that meets the criteria first.


Flow A - Does not match
Flow B - Does match and WILL respond (present the offer)
Flow C - Is not evaluated

To leverage the benefits of Rebuy's post-purchase offers, it is essential to create a widget and activate it in your Shopify administrative settings. This step (Step 2) is part of the process to set up post-purchase flows functionality. Please proceed with steps 1 - 3 to finalize the post-purchase setup.

Video tutorial

This step by step video will walk you through how to set up a post-purchase widget, post-purchase flow, and how to enable Rebuy as your post-purchase provider in Shopify.

Creating a post-purchase flow

Once you have completed step 1 (building a post-purchase widgets), you can build out your post-purchase flow or flows to power them. Navigate to the post-purchase flows page to initiate the process. Once you're on the page, click on "new flow," then name it to begin.

After creating the new flow, you will be redirected to the flow workspace. Here, you can choose the post-purchase widget(s) you wish to display. After selecting your preferences from the dropdown options, click "Save" to preserve your choices and save your progress.

Before you can activate the flow(s), it's necessary to choose a widget within the flow. This step is crucial because there might be multiple post-purchase widgets to choose from, and we want to give you the flexibility to select without imposing a specific choice.

Reminder, you can have up to 20 flows built and 10 of those flows can be live at any time. The post-purchase flows will be prioritized from a top down approach. In layman's terms, it will act as a large data source ruleset. When activated, all the flows will be assessed from the top to the bottom, displaying the one that meets the criteria first.

Setting a post-purchase flow live (active)

Once your widget is selected in the flow, you can head back to the main post-purchase flow page and toggle on the flow of your choosing. From here your flow is live and ready to go. You just need to complete step 3 of the set up process which is to enable Rebuy as your post-purchase provider.

Managing multiple flows

If you haven't created multiple flows yet, simply follow the aforementioned steps again to build them according to your preferences.

Your flows will be visible on the flows page, organized into two distinct sections. The active flows section will display the live flows, while the inactive flows section will show any flow that is currently not live.

Important Note:

When you turn off all of your Flows this should take effect immediately. No new orders will receive a Post-Purchase Offer.

However, when adjusting your Flows (turning off Flow A and turning on Flow B) there can be a delay. New orders may continue to see Flow A for up to 40 minutes. This delay can vary and is not always the case but if you experience this after adjusting your Flows, it is normal and your Flow B will take over after the delay.

Please take this into consideration when making Post-Purchase Flow adjustments.

Enabling additional flows

You can have up to 10 active flows at any given time. There are two ways to enable the flows. Fist you can click and drag the flow from the inactive field to the active field. Second, you can enable the toggle the flow live.

Adjusting flow priorities

You have the flexibility to rearrange your active flows by clicking and dragging them, thereby controlling their priority in the evaluation order. The evaluation process mirrors that of a data source rule, where all flows are presented simultaneously. The first flow that matches the situation will be presented to the customer.

Upsell and downsell post-purchase offers

This guide introduces post-purchase checkout extensions, allowing merchants to add extra steps in the post-purchase experience. These extensions display multiple offers, depending on whether the customer accepts or declines the initial offer.

Testing flows

You should now have created your flow(s), assigned widgets to each flow and set your flow(s) active, the next step is to test your flow.

Testing Steps:

  1. Go to your store and add items to the cart that should match the initial offer widget in one of your flows.

  2. Next, go to checkout and open your browsers developer tools.

    1. Right click to open the menu and click on "Inspect".

    2. This will open the developer tool for you, now click on the "Console" tab.

      1. (see image below).

  3. You should see a print out titled "Rebuy Post-Purchase Flows" click to expand the table view. Here you'll find all the information you need.

    1. The priority of your flows.

    2. Each flow ID for easy identification.

    3. A true / false indicating if your cart items matched with that flow.

    4. The widget ID for the initial offer widget of each flow.

  4. Below the table you'll see a print out of which flow ID is going to display.

Use this as your guide to adjust your rules as necessary to ensure they match in the order you're looking for.

Flows are read from top to bottom. The first flow to match is the flow the customer will see. In the image above, the cart items matched true on flow 9416 and flow 9719. Flow 9416 matched first, so that flow will be shown.

In order to see the live post-purchase offer you'll need to place a test order. The post-purchase page sits behind Shopify's paywall and it isn't possible to reach it otherwise.

Seeing the post-purchase offer is a 2 step process.

Rebuy Requirement Step 1: Checkout with items that match a data source in the post-purchase flow.

Shopify Requirement Step 2: The order needs to meet all of the Shopify post purchase limitations.

A/B testing post-purchase

We have the capability to A/B test the post-purchase widgets constructed in the new flow section. This is vital to comprehending which combination of regulations will give you the highest ROI. For steps to implement Post-Purchase A/B testing check out our helpful guide.


What does the Additional Analytic Event Delay do?

By default, the delay is set at 500ms. When enabled, this allows your pixels a full second to execute. This feature proves beneficial, especially if you are utilizing pixel tracking for post-purchase.

When will I see performance metrics after setting a Flow live?

Metrics such as Total Visitors, Last View, Conversion, Revenue, and Revenue Per Visitor will appear on the Active Flows page within 10 - 15 minutes after setting your Flow live.


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