Upsell & Down Sell Post-Purchase Offers

Instructions to add upsells and downsells to your post-purchase flows

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A post-purchase product offer presents an extra sales opportunity to customers right after they finish checkout. This guide introduces post-purchase checkout extensions, enabling merchants to incorporate additional steps in the post-purchase experience. These extensions showcase multiple offers, depending on whether the customer accepts or declines the initial offer.

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Building an upsell and down-sell offer

Go to the specific flow where you want to incorporate an upsell or downsell. Begin by selecting your initial offer, which will be assessed during the checkout process.

Click on the "Accept" and "Decline" buttons within the workflow to specify the subsequent actions to be taken if the initial post-purchase offer is either accepted or declined. Also, choose the post-purchase widget you want to display for the upsell and/or downsell.

To add a third step to the workflow, simply follow the same process you used for creating the accept or decline workflow. Please note that you CANNOT include an extra accept step in the workflow you've just created. Shopify permits a maximum of two post-purchase offers to be accepted, whether they are on the same post-purchase page or different steps in the flow.

Once you are ready to set your flow live, you can head back to the main flows page and simply turn it on from there!

If you have not done so already, please make sure to enable Rebuy as your post-purchase provider within the Shopify admin portal.

A/B testing post-purchase

We have the capability to A/B test the post-purchase widgets constructed in the new flow section. This is vital to comprehending which combination of regulations will give you the highest ROI. For steps to implement Post-Purchase A/B testing check out our helpful guide.

Reporting analytics for post-purchase

For more comprehensive reporting analytics, head over to our post-purchase analytics to gather more insight into the performance of your offers.

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