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Creating a theme in Rebuy makes it much easier to match Rebuy widgets and email templates with the design of your Shopify e-commerce store. But before we get into creating your theme, check out this brief overview of the dashboard and how to get started with your theme updates!

Creating Your Theme

From your Rebuy Dashboard select "Manage Rebuy Theme" at the top of the page

From here you can adjust things like the color of titles, headers, buttons, reviews, and more!

If you want to get extra custom, you can scroll down to "custom css" section and make some more manual adjustments. Check out our common Rebuy CSS selectors article for more guidance on how to do this.

Now that you've configured your theme, all created widgets will inherit your set styles! If you want to style a specific widget differently, you can select "Custom Theme" from the "Styles" section of the widget settings.


  • What is border-radius? Border radius is how round a button is! 0px means the button will be completely squared. Increase the px (pixel) count, increase the roundness!

  • What is the Logo URL for? The Logo URL is used to place your logo on our Landing Pages and Retention Campaigns.

  • Will this affect my Online Store's theme? Nope! This is not a Shopify theme but rather a Rebuy style "theme." It will only apply to anything created and managed by Rebuy!

Advanced Customization

It's possible to go beyond the standard settings of the theme editor by applying custom CSS to things like the Smart Cart and Widgets. The CSS loads WITH Rebuy so you don't need to add code to your Shopify Theme, making Rebuy CSS easier to manage! For more information on this visit this help doc HERE.

Questions about commonly used terms or acronyms? check out our glossary!

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