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Smart Cart Announcement Messages

In this guide we will go over the announcement bar for the Smart Cart

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The Smart Cart provides the option to display supplementary assistance text as necessary. This feature allows you to inform your customers about the possibility of applying a discount codes, promote any products, or make any type of announcement you desire.

Installation Instructions

Enabling Announcement Bar

Navigate to the Smart Cart settings page from the Rebuy Admin left side menu. Once you navigate to the Smart Cart settings page, locate the option labeled "Announcement Bar." Activate this setting and proceed to input your desired messages. The announcement bar has the capability to showcase multiple messages in a carousel format. Simply input your message and click on "Add message" to include it. You'll now have a collection of messages that will be displayed in carousel fashion.

Adjust the colors

You can set the colors in the Theme for your store from the Dashboard of the Rebuy admin. If you do not know how to get to this page then checkout this guide HERE.

Additional insight

In this message area you can also add any additional HTML in order to have added functionality. If you would like this to be a clickable link or if you would like certain words to be underlined, bold or italicized.


<a href="/pages/rewards">Earn rewards every time you shop. <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Join now!</span></a>


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