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The "Manage Rebuy Theme" page offers user friendly settings to customize your Widgets and Smart Cart's appearance

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The "Manage Rebuy Theme" Settings serves as a general settings area where users can tailor the visual aspects of Rebuy to better align with their preferences. This tool offers a straightforward approach to customizing the platform's appearance, allowing for adjustments to elements such as color schemes and layout to ensure a cohesive look and feel.

Where do I locate the "Manage Rebuy Theme" settings?

From your Rebuy Dashboard select "Manage Rebuy Theme" at the top right of the page.

From here you can adjust things like the color of titles, headers, buttons, reviews, and more!

What is the logo URL for?

The Logo URL Setting is an important feature that allows you to display your company's logo on our Reorder Landing Pages and Rebuy Retention Emails. This helps to create a consistent and professional brand image for your customers.

To set up your logo, simply copy and paste the image address of your logo into the designated field in the Logo URL Setting. This will automatically display your logo on all of your Reorder Landing Pages and Rebuy Retention Emails.

For example, if your logo image url is "", it will be displayed at the top the Reorder Landing Page as shown below:

Global Settings

These settings apply color's for button's, pricing, widgets, the Smart Cart, Reorder Landing Pages, and Email Campaigns.

How do I change the color of the Tiered Progress Bar Meter?

The color of the Tiered Progress Bar Meter and every Button in the Smart Cart can be changed via the 'Button Background settings:

What is Button Radius?

The Button Radius Slider affects how round a button is! 0px means the button will be completely squared. Increase the px (pixel) count, increase the roundness!

Here's an example of giving the Button's in the Smart Cart a Button Radius of 0px, and a Pink Button Border Color with extra Border Width:

Widget Specific Color Settings

Widgets are an essential part of any website, allowing you to add interactive elements and enhance the user experience. However, sometimes you may want to customize the appearance of your widgets to better fit your website's design. This is where applying styles to widgets comes in.

Important to note: When applying styles to Rebuy Widgets from these settings, the styles will apply to all instances of that widget on your website unless specified in the widget's "Style" tab in their settings

Smart Cart Specific Settings

Customizing Colors in Your Cart

When it comes to creating a unique shopping experience for your customers, every detail counts. That's why we offer options to customize the colors of various elements within the cart. With these options, you can ensure that your cart matches the aesthetic of your brand and website.

Banner Background & Text Color

The color selected for this setting will determine the color of the Background and Text within the Announcement Bar banner at the top of the cart.

*The Smart Cart Banner is the Announcement Bar which can be created in the Smart Cart Settings.

Timer Background & Text Color

This sets the background color for the timer banner and the color of the timer text, when enabled for widgets.

*The Timer's can be enabled in the Widget's Settings in the "Timer" tab

Visible Focus Outline Color

This is the color of the outline that appears when you tab through the Smart Cart.

When someone uses the Tab key to move through the elements on a page, the Visible Focus Outline appears around the active element to indicate where the keyboard focus is currently located. This is particularly useful for users with visual impairments or those who cannot use a mouse due to physical limitations.

This is used to adhere to ADA accessibility compliance by utilizing the :focus-visible pseudoelement with the color you specify.

The screenshot below is an example of the Visible Focus Outline Color being used when someone uses the Tab key:

Custom CSS

It's possible to go beyond the standard settings of the Manage Rebuy Theme editor by applying custom CSS to things like the Smart Cart and Widgets. The CSS loads WITH Rebuy so you don't need to add code to your Shopify Theme, making Rebuy CSS easier to manage!

The Custom CSS box can be found at the very bottom of the Manage Rebuy Theme Page:

BEST PRACTICE: The Custom CSS box here is best for adding code that you want applied globally to all current and future created Widgets and Smart Carts.

*KEEP YOUR CODE ORGANIZED: Any widget specific CSS styling is best placed into the Widget's Settings directly to keep your styling code more organized.

Here are some CSS guides for some helpful tips to customize the styling specifically for your Rebuy Smart Cart and Widgets!

NOTICE: Rebuy support services encompass all aspects directly associated with Rebuy, providing assistance and guidance for features and functionalities within the standard Rebuy package. However, please note that we cannot provide support for third-party plugins or customizations beyond the scope of Rebuy. Unsupported items include, but are not limited to, custom template modifications/troubleshooting, headless configurations/troubleshooting, native cart configurations/troubleshooting, Custom CSS/Javascript, custom scripts, and third-party integrations. Proceed with caution if you plan to make any customizations.

Please refer to our Support Policy Page

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