We will go over how to configure collections rules in our data source. These rules are typically paired with a Complete The Look widget to display products from one collection to another.

There are two major things that we can do with collections rules:

  • IF Collection

  • RETURN Collection

Logical operators are how we determine when we want our rule to match and our customer to see the product(s) or collection(s) we’ve chosen to recommend! Here is a list of the available operators:

  • Contains Any: The customer is on any of the product pages from the specified collection or the product is in the cart. (Most commonly used).

  • Does Not Contain Any: The customer is not on the product page from the collection. (Less Common).

This example uses both IF Collection and RETURN Collection for a Complete The Look widget:

When viewing anything from the Earrings collection, the returned products will be:

Two necklaces from the Necklaces collection,

A bracelet from the Bracelets collection,

And a ring from the Rings collection.

Using just a few rules we are able to return products from three different collections to complete the look.

IF Collection Example:

This rule will return the t-shirt when they are viewing anything from the 'Apparel' collection. This is useful if you have a cheaper item that you want to be recommended when viewing items from a certain collection.

RETURN Collection Example:

Selecting 'Preview Ruleset' and then 'Simulate' will allow you to preview what will be returned.

The rule will display products from the selected collection.

Checkout collection-based rules in action by viewing any product page here.

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