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Geolocation-based Rules
Geolocation-based Rules

Personalize product recommendations based on a visitor's location

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What are geo-targeted product recommendations?

Geo-targeted product recommendations are a type of personalized content that is tailored to a visitor's geographic location. It involves using technology to determine the location of the visitor, often through their device's IP address or GPS, and providing product recommendations that are relevant to their location.

For example, if a visitor is located in a colder climate, they may be presented with recommendations for winter clothing or accessories, while a visitor in a warmer climate may see recommendations for summer clothing or outdoor activities. By providing recommendations that are tailored to a visitor's location, online stores can increase the relevance and effectiveness of their product recommendations, leading to higher engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

Rebuy makes it easy for merchants to personalize recommendations and their surrounding copy based on the geolocation of a visitor, determined by their device's IP address.

Please note that the accuracy of our geo-location provider is subject to certain limitations and can vary depending on various factors such as the quality of the IP address data, network infrastructure, and other technical factors. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these geo-based rules and recommend using them as a general guide rather than relying on them for precise geolocation purposes.

Why should you use them?

According to the Location Based Marketing Association, personalized content, including location-based recommendations, can increase engagement rates by an average of 20%.

The utilization of geo-targeted product recommendations can be a potent approach for merchants as it enables them to provide customized and pertinent content to their website visitors depending on their location. This tactic has the potential to enhance your store's performance in a few ways:

  1. Increased relevance: Geo-targeted recommendations allow you to provide personalized content to your visitors based on their location, making your recommendations more relevant to them.

  2. Improved engagement: By providing personalized and relevant recommendations, you can increase the likelihood of visitors spending more time on your site and engaging with your content.

  3. Higher conversion rates: Geo-targeted recommendations can help to improve conversion rates by presenting visitors with products that are more likely to appeal to them based on their location and preferences.

  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction: By offering a personalized experience, you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as visitors are more likely to feel understood and valued by your brand.

Local Regulations:

For instance, if a visitor from Australia visits your website, Rebuy can use your customer's geolocation to determine their location and display products that comply with Australian safety standards. This not only helps to ensure that your business is compliant with local regulations but also improves the user experience for visitors by showing them products that are relevant and safe for their location.

In this screenshot, the objective is to surface the product only in states and countries it's eligible to be shipped to:

It will be displayed only for visitors from Australia, Canada, and the Unites States - except for visitors from Alaska or Hawaii.

Seasonal products:

Using Rebuy, you can determine the visitor's location and display product recommendations based on the current season in that region. For instance, if a visitor from Australia lands on your website during their summer months, Rebuy can display recommendations for summer products like swimwear, sunscreen, and sunglasses. This helps to improve the user experience for visitors by providing them with recommendations that are appropriate for the current season in their location. It can also increase the likelihood of visitors making a purchase as they are presented with products that meet their needs at that moment.

Even if you only only ship to the US for example, you can use a combination of geolocation and date-based rules to surface your seasonal collections to visitors from States in the Southern part of the country sooner than in the Northern part of the country:

We're keying off of latitude in the example above to surface a Springtime collection to visitors below the 38th parallel starting in mid-March, whereas visitors above the 38th parallel won't see that collection until the beginning of April.

Localized Products:

With Rebuy, you can determine a visitor's location and showcase product recommendations for items made by local brands in their city, country, or region. For example, if a visitor from Vancouver lands on your website, Rebuy can display product recommendations for Vancouver-based brands and promote their locally made products. This approach can improve the user experience for visitors by highlighting products that are unique to their location and support the local economy. It can also help to increase sales for local businesses and strengthen customer loyalty.

In the above screenshot, we're helping Vancouver-based visitors shop local by showing locally made products that have been tagged with "Made-in-Vancouver", and dynamically changing the widget's Title and Description language to let them know we've curated this selection especially for them.

Local Events:

With Rebuy, you can use geolocation-based rules to determine a visitor's location and showcase products that are relevant to local events or holidays in their region. For instance, if there is a fundraising event happening in a specific region, merchants can sell tickets to that event and use geolocation-based rules to display them only to visitors in the same region where the event is being held. This can increase the chances of visitors purchasing tickets and attending the event, as they are presented with products that are specifically tailored to their location and interests.

This approach can also help merchants to target their marketing efforts more effectively and drive sales for products that are time-sensitive and relevant to local events and holidays.

In the above screenshot we're surfacing a ticket to a local event to visitors from the city of Burbank, up until the date of the event itself.

If you have any questions send us those questions through the messenger on this page with your details in hand!

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