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How To Use A Custom Template With Smart Cart
How To Use A Custom Template With Smart Cart

Take the smart cart further with it's template!

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This template has been made available for developers to use in order to push the default layouts/ styles of the Smart Cart. If you do not have a developer, but would like some custom work done, you can speak with our partner team who can help connect you with the right partner for your request.

Custom templates are updated from time to time, so if you encounter odd behavior, please check back to see when the latest update to the template was.

Create a Snippet

Inside your Shopify Admin go to the Online Store Tab then from there navigate to > Actions > Edit Code on whichever theme you are wanting to use the custom template on

Once inside scroll down to the Snippets section in the left hand menu and click "Add a new snippet" name the snippet "smart-cart-template."

Next you are to add the custom template to snippet.

Add snippet to theme.liquid

Paste the following code at the bottom of your theme.liquid file above the closing body tag.

{% render 'smart-cart-template' %}

Done! You now have a custom template set up with your Smart Cart.

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