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How To Add Announcement Messages To The Smart Cart
How To Add Announcement Messages To The Smart Cart

In this guide we will go over the announcement bar for the Smart Cart

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The Smart Cart can display additional helper text if needed. Let your customers know to use a discount code at checkout if this applies to you!

Navigate to the Smart Cart settings page from the Rebuy Admin left side menu

Once you are in the Smart Cart settings page you will see a setting for "Announcement Bar". Toggle this on and start adding some messages. The announcement bar can display multiple messages in a carousel. Just write a message and then click to "Add message".

Now you will have multiple messages that will display.

Adjust the colors

You can set the colors in the Theme for your store from the Dashboard of the Rebuy admin. If you do not know how to get to this page then checkout this guide HERE.

Additional insight

In this message area you can also add any additional HTML in order to have added functionality. If you would like this to be a clickable link or if you would like certain words to be underlined, bold or italicized.


<a href="/pages/rewards">Earn rewards every time you shop. <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Join now!</span></a>


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