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Troubleshooting: Shopify Plus Gift With Purchase
Troubleshooting: Shopify Plus Gift With Purchase

Some quick tips to see why your gift with purchase may not be working!

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By now you may know that there are two different kinds of Gift With Purchases that Rebuy offers. This doc will go over how to test those offers and determine if there are any issues with your Shopify Plus implementation. If there are, then please contact the support team after following this doc. For our purposes, we will be going over general procedures to take for the Shopify Plus GWP.

Testing the Script

The Gift With Purchase requires the use of the Shopify Script Editor. Unfortunately, this script editor can be finicky and when improperly used can cause merchants a headache. To get a detailed description of how to test Shopify line-item scripts head here.

Shopify Plus is required to make use of Shopify Scripts. As of February 13, 2023 Shopify announced that Shopify Scripts will be deprecated on August 13, 2024 and they will be moving to functions. They have since removed the Script Editor application from the Shopify app store.

Testing the Data Source

When making a Gift With a Purchase you'll need to use a data source to properly return the correct gift product. Once you have edited the data source, use the following link to test it using the Data Source Manager. Link

Testing the Widget

In our case, we are using the Shopify-Plus GWP widget. As such, if you are seeing issues where the discount isn't properly reflecting on your storefront please make sure that you have a discount set in the widget settings,

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