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How to Create a Recharge Customer Portal Widget
How to Create a Recharge Customer Portal Widget

This guide will walk you through how to set up Rebuy in your Recharge Customer Portal.

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You can now implement Rebuy’s Data-source powered recommendations in the Recharge Customer Portal with a no code approach. Allow your customers to add personalized products based on what they’re currently subscribed to, canceled subscriptions and when managing one-time products.


  • Rebuy’s Customer Portal recommendations are available for all users of the Recharge platform and can be implemented on the Novum theme and Prima theme.

  • Recharge Customer Portal widget only works for the Embedded in platform storefront customer portal location option.

Customer Portal Recommendation Features

  • Recommended One Time or Subscription products based on what products customers are subscribed to

  • Offer exclusive recommendations based on specific subscription products

  • Reorganize and handpick your Customer Portal offerings

  • Get detailed analytics on which products are being added the most as addons


Rebuy’s Customer Portal Recommendations can be easily implemented on your store with a few clicks and a little bit of copy and pasting.

Step 1

Under the Widgets section, click on the new Recharge Customer Portal widget.

Step 2

Choose the type of recommendations you want to offer - Top Sellers, Featured Items, or In-Checkout Recommendations

Note that these data sources can all be customized to be specific to your needs.

Step 3

Customize the widget to your visual needs. On the widget page, you can choose how many products you want to show (up to 24), the number of products per column and all other settings available to customize on your Rebuy widgets.

Step 4

Once your widget is customized, click on the Install Instructions button and copy the code that’s provided.

Step 5

Open the Recharge app and paste the code into Recharge's Footer HTML/CSS/JS section. Click save in Recharge.

That’s it! Your Rebuy Product Recommendations are now available in your Customer Portal.

Things to note

  1. The Customer Portal widget will replace your existing products in the Customer Portal. Make sure to keep this in mind when creating your data sources to include any products that may not be there after implementation.

  2. The Customer Portal widget can be redesigned to match your Customer Portal theme. By default, it will key off of your Rebuy Theme settings but this can be configured in the widget settings.

Video Walkthrough

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