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Let's take a look at the Widgets section of the Rebuy admin.

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From the Rebuy admin, navigate to the Widgets tab. From here, you can see the most popular locations you can upgrade in your online store.

Widget Types

    • The home page is a great place to showcase your top selling products, featured items, or the week's best deals.

    • The Product Detail Page is one of the most popular places to offer additional recommendations or give the customer more opportunities for "Product Discovery."

    • A Product Upsell Widget is a great way to display offers to customers when they add items to their cart that ask if they would like to switch to a higher-value alternative.

    • This feature works with Recharge to easily upgrade customers to a subscription version of a product.

    • If the Cart Page is an important part of your customer journey, we can show them recommended products or the "recently viewed" endpoint to optimize this space for increased AOV.

    • A pop-up that appears when the smart cart's checkout button is clicked.

    • Dynamically recommend products in the cart based on products added by the customer or other conditions.

    • Shopify Plus merchants can surface last-minute deals for customers right in the checkout.

    • Surface multiple product recommendations for customers once they have already checked out.

    • Surface last-minute deals for customers completing their orders in the Recharge Checkout.

    • Feature a 1-click post-purchase offer following a customer's order through the Recharge Checkout.

    • Inspire brand loyalty by automatically adding a free gift to the cart when customers meet a specific threshold.

    • Allows customers to select multiple products from the product page to be added alongside the main product.

    • Offer customers a 1-click way to add multiple items to their cart.

All widgets are powered by a data source (ruleset) that determines what the customer is being shown. Rebuy has several prebuilt widgets attached to pre-configured data sources such as our Top Sellers, Recommended (AI), Recently Viewed, and more! You can also create your own data source to hand-pick your product recommendations to be shown in the widgets. For more info on widget types and how to use them, checkout this help document: How to use Widgets

Upgrade your Home Page

The home page is a great place to show your top sellers or feature new items or collections! Add a home page widget to make seeing and adding these items to the cart easier!

Upgrade your Product Page

The Product Page is a great place to add several different widgets. You can do a "complete the look" type of widget where you showcase items that pair well with the specific item the customer is viewing, or items from the same collection! We also recommend adding a "Recently Viewed" widget (powered by our recently viewed data source), so the customer has an easy way to see where they've been and add the item to the cart if they want it!

Example of Creating Your First Widgets: Home Page Top Sellers

Install the Smart Cart

The Smart Cart is a cart drawer powered by Rebuy! Check out the help doc here:Setup the Smart Cart!

If you have any questions about commonly used terms or acronyms, check out our glossary!

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