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Understanding Product & Widget Discounts
Understanding Product & Widget Discounts

Learn how to use Rebuy for surfacing discounts in your online store.

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Merchants can use Rebuy Widgets to display products with discounts that are not available otherwise. In the widget settings, the "Discount" tab can be used to set a fixed discount amount. Alternatively, Rebuy's Data Sources can be used to conditionally provide discounts based on criteria such as cart subtotal threshold, customer order count, or whether or not a customer used an affiliate link to reach a particular website or landing page.


The key to understanding discounts in Rebuy widgets is that they are for display purposes only*. Displaying discounts in widgets helps customers to convert faster, however, anytime you display a discount in a Rebuy widget, you'll need to ensure you're using an associated Automatic Discount (available to all Shopify plans), or Shopify Line Item Script (Shopify Plus only) to ensure that the discount carries through to the cart and checkout.

*excluding the Post-Purchase offer (more on that later).

Fixed Discounts via Widget Settings:

In this example, we're using the Discount tab in the Product Page Popup Cross-Sell widget to surface additional t-shirts at 50% off when a customer adds one to their cart:

In the widget settings for all Rebuy widget types, you will see the Discount Tab. Merchants can choose whether to display the discount as taken off either a product's Original Price or its Compare-at Price.

Dynamic Discounts via Data Sources:

In this example, we're using the a Data Source connected to a Pop Up Product Cross-sell widget to add a 50% discount for any product surfaced within the widget when a customer adds anything to their cart:

Merchants can benefit from the ability to discount either certain products or all products found in a widget, depending on the input conditions they choose, for example a tiered discount logic or a "buy x, get x%" discount type, by using a Data Source for their product discounts.

Discounts in Post-Purchase Offers:

Rebuy's Post-Purchase offer is distinct from other examples of discounting in that it does not need an automatic discount, discount code, or Shopify Line Item Script to apply a product discount at checkout. Instead, merchants can use either the Widget Discount settings or the Data Source to incorporate the discount.

This is because the customer has already completed their checkout when they're presented with the Post-Purchase offer. This offer uses Shopify's Order Edit API to add the widget's product offering to the order when a customer accepts it. You'll notice that Rebuy has edited the order when you see the Rebuy logo in the Order Timeline.

Since we're editing the order's line item properties, we can set the line item price to whatever the merchant has specified based on the offer's total price after discount. This is great for all Shopify plans but is extremely advantageous for merchants who are not on Shopify Plus.

See It In Action:

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