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Enable Buy More Save More on all Products
Enable Buy More Save More on all Products

This will guide you on how to implement Buy More Save More for all products.

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Buy More Save More (BMSM) is a feature within the Rebuy Smart Cart that enables shoppers to receive discounts when they buy more items from a store. To use BMSM, the Smart Cart must be live. Buy More Save More cannot be implemented outside of the Smart Cart, that would require a customization to be implemented by you.

Currently, if you use Buy More Save More, you must select individual products for each tier which could be tedious if you have many products to add. This document will outline a workaround for that while we work to enhance the feature to allow for more flexibility.

Let's get started with implementing the Buy More Save More feature within the Rebuy Smart Cart:


Step 1: Enable Buy More Save More

From the Rebuy Admin, open the Smart Cart you are working in and toggle on the Buy More Save More feature.

Step 2: Configure Deals

Next, configure the BMSM deals. You are able to specify different “quantity buys” for shoppers, such as “Buy 2 items, get 5% off” or “Buy 3 items, get 10% off”. Simply create a new deal and specify the conditions of the offer.

Disclaimer: Shopify Scripts

If you're looking to leverage Shopify Scripts to handle your Buy More Save More (BMSM) discounting, you need to select at least one (1) product when configuring the BMSM settings. However, if you plan to use Shopify Discount codes to handle the discounting, you can leave the selected products option blank.

Step 3: Saving your settings

After setting up your BMSM configuration, ensure you click save before moving on.

Step 4: Discounting the Buy More Save More Feature

If you’re looking to take advantage of Shopify’s Discounts feature in combination with the Buy More Save More feature, we have some simple guidelines to help you get started. Please remember to add ALL of your products, and consider these instructions carefully.

Set Up Shopify Discounts

To begin, follow the link below for detailed instructions on how to set up Shopify Discounts. Then proceed to Step 5.

Leverage Shopify Scripts

If you’d prefer to use Shopify Scripts, select the “Generate Discount Script” button which will automatically generate and copy the script for you.

Editing Your Buy More Save More Script

You'll need to make a small edit to the Script. Near the bottom of the Script, you'll need to delete four lines of code from the "Campaigns" array.

Based on the example above, you would need to delete lines 559, 560, 561, and 562. Your line numbers may vary but it will always be the and the lines between it that need removing.

Once complete the Script should look like this.

Step 5: Adding code to Smart Cart

The final step is to add the below code to the Smart Cart > Advanced Settings > Ready section. This code will automatically add the Buy More Save More buttons to products as they're added to the Smart Cart.

/* Enable BMSM for all products in Smart Cart */
function everyItemIsBMSM () {
setTimeout(() => {
/* pull the cart items */
const items = Rebuy.SmartCart.items();
items.forEach(item => {
/* ensure the current item is NOT already in BMSM */
if (!Rebuy.SmartCart.settings.buy_more_save_more.discount_products.find(discountedItem => discountedItem.product_id === item.product_id)) {
console.log(`ADDING ${item.title} TO BMSM`)
/* create a new BMSM object from the current item */
const newBMSMItem = {
json: {
admin_graphql_api_id: item.product.admin_graphql_api_id,
body_html: item.product.body_html,
cache_info: item.product.cache_info,
collection_ids: item.product.collection_ids,
created_at: item.product.created_at,
handle: item.product.handle,
image: item.product.image,
options: item.product.options,
owner: item.product.owner,
product_type: item.product.product_type,
published_scope: item.product.published_scope,
status: item.product.status,
tags: item.product.tags,
template_suffix: item.product.template_suffix,
title: item.product.title,
updated_at: item.product.updated_at,
variants: item.product.variants,
vendor: item.product.vendor
product_id: item.product_id,
quantity: item.product.quantity,
variant_ids: []
/* push the new obj into the BMSM array */
} else {
console.log(`${item.title} ALREADY HAS BMSM`)
}, 400)
everyItemIsBMSM() /* runs on page load */
document.addEventListener('rebuy:cart.change', everyItemIsBMSM) /* runs on cart change */

The final result will be all items in Smart Cart will show the Buy More Save More buttons and be discounted due to either the Shopify Script or the Shopify Discount you implemented within your Shopify Admin.

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