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Post Purchase A/B Testing

Learn how to A/B test your Post Purchase Workflows

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We offer advanced capability to conduct A/B testing on the post-purchase widgets within the newly designed flow section. This ability holds immense significance as it enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the optimal combination of offers that will ultimately yield the maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

By engaging in A/B testing, you are empowered to systematically compare different variations of your post purchase widgets, systematically analyzing their performance and impact. By unraveling the dynamics of these widgets through testing, you can strategically refine and fine-tune your approach, thereby enhancing your ability to drive conversions and augment revenue streams.


Here's a technical walkthrough on how to set up A/B Testing with Post-Purchase flow using Rebuy. This powerful feature empowers you to perfect your Post-Purchase flow by experimenting with data-backed, conversion-boosting offers. Get ready to transform your strategy and enhance your customer experience! πŸ’»πŸ“Š


To add an A/B test, navigate to the flow you wish to add the test to and click the A/B testing button that is under the offer.

By pressing the A/B testing button, you will be given the opportunity to compare two widgets. Select the two widgets you would like to compare and decide the percentage of times each one should be shown to the customer.

Be sure to save your work and activate the widget if it isn't already. You can run the experiment for as long or as short a time as you wish. You can review the results of the A/B testing at any time by navigating to the flow. The analytics will show the amount of views, the conversion rate, the revenue generated, and the revenue generated per consumer.


Once you have completed testing, click "end experiment" and the Rebuy flow will by default select the top widget from the A/B experiment as your default offer for the segment of the flow you are in regardless if it is the winner of the A/B test or not. You MUST select your "winner" that you would wish to keep in place going forward.


On the Flow tab, there's an analytics snapshot that provides a quick overview of the post-purchase flow's performance.

Analytic Name


Total Visitors

The total number of the times the flow has been entered.

Created Date

How many days since flow inception.

Last View

The most recent segment viewed by a customer.


This will show how your post purchase offer(s) are performing. The higher the rate the better. The lower the rate, you should review your offer to ensure it is enticing enough to boost your AOV.


The revenue metrics displayed are based on all flow segments combined.

Revenue per Visitor

The average revenue you have gained from each of the orders driven by post purchase offers.

To examine the performance of each individual upsell or downsell within the flow, you can enter the flow in edit mode. This will give you access to the analytics on each separate segment.

For more comprehensive reporting analytics, head over to our widget reports. You can gather more insight into the overall performance there. You can also review further information about the different report types and definitions here.

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