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Removing the PDP item from a bundle widget
Removing the PDP item from a bundle widget

A guide for customizing bundle widgets to not automatically show the PDP item as well as the data source items.

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Bundle widget default display

Rebuy bundle widgets will display the PDP item in addition to any items being returned by the data source. Data source items + 1.

The result is that with one click users are able to add the item they're already looking at plus any items recommended via the data source.


This bundle widgets data source only returns one product.

However the widget shows 2 products. The first is the PDP item on that page and the second is the data source item. This is the expected behavior.

If you'd prefer the bundle widget only display the data source item(s) and not the PDP item, follow the steps below.

Removing PDP item from bundle widget

  • Add this snippet to the Advanced > Ready box in the widgets settings.

/* removes PDP item from widget */;

This snippet will remove the first product from the widget, which is always the PDP item for a bundle widget. The result is that you'll now only see the data source item(s) in the widget.

Before: PDP item + data source item

After: Only data source item

Alternative Steps

The method shown above will remove the PDP item from the bundle widget in all cases. But perhaps there are only a few instances where you don't want the PDP item to be added from the bundle widget. In that case consider using a rule like this.

If products > equals > this specific product > return no products + exit if matched, which prevents any other rules from matching and returning products.

You can also add multiple products by using "contains any" instead of "equals". So on either of these product pages the widget will not return any products.

Remember to toggle on "exit if matched" to prevent other rules from matching and returning products.

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