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Welcome to Your Next Phase of Growth

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Welcome to Your Next Phase of Growth

You've successfully enhanced your e-commerce experience through Rebuy's Launch Program, and we're thrilled to see where this journey takes you. This guide aims to ensure a seamless transition from the launch phase to your continued evolution and success with Rebuy.

Support After Launch

  • 30-Day Post-Launch Assistance: The Launch Team remains dedicated post-launch to resolving any issues directly associated with the initial launch implementation within 30 days of deployment. This encompasses assistance with the original code and modifications outlined in the provided changelog at the time of handoff.

  • Scope of Post-Launch Assistance: It's crucial to note that our 30-day Launch Assistance is specifically aimed at rectifying issues pertaining to the original launch code. Alterations or customizations made by external developers or agency teams that modify our initial setup fall outside our 30-day support window. We encourage maintaining the integrity of the original launch code to ensure seamless support.

Contacting the Launch Team: For any post-launch inquiries or support within the 30-Day Post-Launch period, please reach out directly to your Launch Manager or email us at [email protected].

Theme Updates and Maintenance

  • Receipt of Changelog: At offboarding, you'll receive a changelog outlining all the changes made to your theme during the launch, serving as a vital reference for future updates.

  • Updating the Changelog: If any modifications occur within the initial 30-day period post-launch, you can request an updated changelog from the Rebuy launch team.

  • Post-30-Day Obligations: After the 30-day support phase, the responsibility for maintaining compatibility with any theme updates or modifications transitions to you. Here are some guidelines:

    • Theme Duplication: Prioritize duplicating your latest theme version before implementing new changes, ensuring you have a stable backup.

    • Switching Themes: If you're considering a new theme, utilize the changelog to reapply Rebuy settings manually. For significant changes or a complete overhaul, a new launch package may be purchased at a discounted rate for professional assistance.

How do I duplicate a theme?

As previously stated, we advise prioritizing the duplication of your most recent theme version before proceeding with any new changes. This ensures that you maintain a stable backup. You can do this by going to your shopify administrative portal > online store > themes > click the icon next to "customize" > select duplicate.

How do I transfer Rebuy to a new theme?

To ensure a smooth transition of Rebuy customizations to a new theme, follow these steps:

  • Snippet Creation: In the new theme's snippets folder, create a file named rebuy-extensions.liquid

  • Content Transfer: Copy the content from the rebuy-extensions.liquid file in your original theme and paste it into the new file in your new theme.

  • Integration: Add {% render 'rebuy-extensions' %} above the closing </body> tag in your theme.liquid file of the new theme.

Important Considerations: The rebuy-extensions.liquid file may not encompass all changes. Consult the changelog for any additional modifications and replicate them accordingly in your new theme. If changes were made via app blocks, replicate those in the theme customizer as well.

To generate a new snippet folder in Shopify, follow these steps: Navigate to your Shopify themes (as illustrated above) > Click the icon adjacent to "publish" > opt for "edit code" > proceed to the snippets section > incorporate a new snippet > designate it as rebuy-extensions.liquid.

General Support and Resources

Ongoing Inquiries: For general questions not directly related to the launch specifics, our support team is ready to assist. Explore our Help Center and familiarize yourself with our Support Policy for comprehensive guidance. To open a new inquiry with the Support team, you can follow the steps in our helpful guide.


Q: What if I encounter issues after the 30-day support period?

A: For launch-specific concerns outside the 30-day window, consider reverting to the pre-modified theme using the changelog as a guide. For new features or significant changes, another launch package may be necessary. For general Rebuy inquiries, our support team is always here to help.

Q: How do I ensure my Rebuy features continue to work with future theme updates?

A: Regularly review your changelog when updating your theme to ensure critical Rebuy code snippets and settings are preserved. For a complete theme overhaul, using the changelog or considering a new launch package for assistance is advisable.

Q: Can I request additional changes to my Rebuy setup after offboarding?

A: Within the 30-day window, you may request an updated changelog for minor adjustments. Beyond this, it's recommended to duplicate your theme before making significant alterations to maintain functionality.

Q: What should I do if external developers alter the launch code?

A: To ensure continuity of support, we advise against unauthorized modifications to the launch code. If external changes are made, responsibility for maintaining or adjusting these alterations falls outside our 30-day support scope.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please dont hesitate to reach out!

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